What It All Looks Like From Here

Zodiac's Future Goal for 2020 and BEYOND!


To reach this goal I will do lots of extra credit work and study Monday - Wednesday. I will also pay attention lots more in class. I hope to get an 85 or above in all my classes before THIS Six Weeks. So Friday!

My Long Term Goal For Freshman Year- All AP classes...

To be in AP classes next year I must Try extra hard this year. That is why my short term goal is just as important as my long term. To be in AP classes I must give extra focus to my Main Classes ( MATH, READING, WRITING, SCIENCE, AND SOCIAL STUDIES ).

My Longest Term Goal For 2020

My goal for my life after HIgh School is to go directly from High School to College. I hope to go to Texas Wesleyan or University Of North Texas, but I will apply for every college I know of in hopes that one of them will take me or give me a scholarship. To get a scholarship I will stay with the french horn, continue to be mascot, and HOPEFULLY get into AP classes.

Once I am accepted into a school I will get my Phd in toxicology, medical science. Then I will complete my Residency for anatomic and forensic pathology. A Residency means I will help with autopsies and investigations.

After that I will look for FBI Outposts in either Washington, Oregon, or I will work at a Police Station or hospital. I will find a good Condo or Apartment and live there. I will also find a gym or park where I can work off my daily stress.

I don't know if I want kids and I don't know if I want to get married, but I do know I want a good life so that is my long term goal, and I will never stop reaching for it.