Weller Weekly

February. 8-12

What's up at Weller?

Monday (2-8)
  • 1-2 French Club

Tuesday (2-9)

  • Counselor's Day Luncheon--Let Linda know how much we love her!
  • I-Moms @ 8:00
  • Staff Meeting IGNiTE and Gifted Ed. Workshop @ 3:50
  • K-Registration 4:00-6:30
  • PTO Meeting 5:00-6:00
  • K-1 Music Performance 6:00-7:00

Wednesday (2-10)

  • Dr. D out at Leadership Meeting
  • TST Meetings
  • 1st Grade Field Trip @ 9:00-11:00
  • Color Guard @ 3:45-4:30

Thursday (2-11)

  • 2-3 Ballet

Friday (2-12)

  • Valentine Parties
  • Weller Pride Celebration
  • 3rd Grade Field Trip @ 9:30-11:00

Coming up:

  • Monday, February 15th: NO SCHOOL! Enjoy the day off!
  • Tuesday, February 16th @ 10:15-10:45: Evangel basketball players in all rooms to give out sweatshirts and encourage game attendance.
  • Wednesday, February 17th: Wear your Evangel sweatshirt and 6:00 pm.--8:00 pm Evangel/Weller family/staff basketball game!

Gotta know it...

What a week! Thanks for all your incredible hard work. I can see it in your classrooms...in the kids learning, in the engagement, on the walls, and through your teaching. I'm so fortunate to work with such great ones.

  • This week 1st and 3rd grades have their field trips for an entry event for their PBL projects. You'll need to get yours on the calendar if you haven't scheduled it. Please make sure your field trip does not interfere with your team meeting on Wednesday.
  • Evangel University is buying every Weller staff and student an Evangel sweatshirt! This is a great way to promote college for our kids. On Tuesday, February 16th, the men's and women's Evangel basketball teams will be in every classroom at 10:15. They will hand out the sweatshirts, give tickets for prizes, and invite you and your students to the game. Then, to showcase and honor all of the great students and staff at Weller, on February 17th we are invited to attend the Evangel girls and guys basketball game from 6:00--8:00. Our 4th and 5th graders will sing the National Anthem at half-time for the girls game and at the beginning of the boys game! Please encourage your kids to wear their sweatshirt and come!
  • Have eagle eyes and be a wanderer at recess. We've had a few problems this week. Thanks for your careful observation!
  • Last year we had to review expectations with all students in the 3rd quarter. This year is the same. Please go over hallway, bathroom, and dismissal expectations with your class. All Weller kids are our kids so if you see someone not following an expectation, please ask the student to do it again correctly. I've listed the expectations below to help you.
  • All staff/IGNiTE meetings for the remainder of this year are on Google Drive.
  • Please be thinking about who you collaborate best with and your top three choices for grade levels you'd like to teach next year.

YTD Attendance

Attendance Percentage

Rich, Susan 97.12%

Tinney, Rebecca 97.01%

Wahl, Haleigh 96.80%

Bernelis, Shayla 96.51%

Norrell, Carrie 96.28%

Squibb, Crystal 96.01%

Barker, Michelle 95.77%

Graves, Ralene 95.72%

Hughes, Sherry 95.72%

Almeida, Joanne 95.68%

Sanders, Hanna 95.62%

Weinman, Carma 95.31%

Shores, Kendall 95.28%

Ellis, Peggy 95.09%

Dake, Michael 94.97%

Morey, Cari 94.91%

Miller, Jamie 94.71%


Bathroom Expectations

· Level 1 voice

· Flush and wash

· Keep to yourself

· Return to class

Playground Expectations

· Be safe and polite in play areas

· Keep hands and body to self

· Invite others to play

· Listen and respond to teacher

Hallway Expectations

· Level zero voice

· Face forward

· Hands to self

· Walking feet

· Right side of hall

· Tight line

Arrival Expectations

· Be on time and ready to learn

· Level zero voice

· Sit on your pockets

· Criss-cross legs

· Stay in line

· Walking feet

Dismissal Expectations

· Walk to dismissal area

· Level zero voice

· Sit on your pockets

· Criss-cross legs

· Stay in line

· Hands to self

· Backpack on back