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4th Grade News - October 14th, 2016

Upcoming Events

PTA Fundraiser Delivery - Tuesday, 11/1 (at Mackeben) (NOTE: NEW DATE!)

Culver's Family Night - Tuesday, 10/25 (5-8 p.m.)

Fall Party - Friday, 10/28 from 2:00-3:00 p.m.

Picture retakes - Friday, 10/28


This week we worked on finding the cause (WHY something happened) vs. effect (WHAT happened), in a sentence and in paragraphs. We also created a google draw project using proper and common nouns. Finally, we practiced using the comprehension strategy of using background knowledge to figure out what is happening in a story.

We just finished week two of our Global Read Aloud (GRA) book titled "PAX". Global Read Aloud is a program involving teachers reading the same book aloud to their classrooms on the same 6 week schedule, and then discussing it with students in other classrooms and locations. Students also joined my KidBlog class for the year, and I'm hoping to use this tool to blog about our book!


This week we spent most of the week on Mental Math strategies used to multiply numbers. Students took notes in their spiral notebooks with examples of all of these, so I've encouraged them to bring home the notebook for assistance during homework time. Please make sure the notebook makes its way back to school the next day!!

Overall, students are really doing well with the Distributive Property, and we're making progress on the strategy of Compensation. :)


This week, groups had a chance to present their habitat posters to the class. This was our first time sharing in a group format, and everyone did a fantastic job! Today, each child chose a favorite animal from their current habitat and was randomly assigned to a new one. (Think of a lizard surviving in the Arctic Tundra!!). Students will research the new habitat, think of adaptations that would help their animal to survive, and create a new "animal" to present to the class.


We are almost finished with our Personal Narratives....yay! Students have been typing these at school, and for the last step, we need your help! Each child will receive a rubric/checklist that we will go over in class so they know how the narratives will be graded.

Students have already edited their own papers and have been through the peer editing process. As a final check, I'm asking you to read through your child's narrative and check off the boxes next to each item under "parent check". This shows me you've seen you child's work and have given them some guidance if you see any areas that have large deficiencies. I greatly appreciate you help with this effort!

Music - from Mrs. Crowe

We've been working on a "note story" this week--some of the words in our story have been replaced with treble clef notes that spell the word! We've had a lot of fun deciphering the words! We've also been playing the words from the story on the keyboards in Mrs. Crowe's piano lab.

PBIS Update

PAWS Pride

This week our PAWS Pride lesson focused on conflict resolution. The students discussed some simple rules to solve a problem and watched a short video on what can happen if these steps aren't followed. The activities will allow the students an ability to prevent, manage and resolve interpersonal conflicts in constructive ways.

Madison turned in PAWS to be the guest librarian for our classroom last week. Check out the picture below!

Big image


Be sure to check your child's Friday folder for :

Class Directory (bright pink!!) and Pictures!!

Coming soon.........student written Newsletters!!

Enjoy the weekend!

Dana Turk