Ernst Hemingway a true expatriate

By: Greg Ludden

Brief biography

Ernst miller Hemingway (1899-1961) was a man of true American literature who told stories of his adventurous life by writing them into books. He was a big hit author during the jazz age or the roaring twenties. Hemingway has written many fine books, most of them tragedies....

Hemingway a truly great author lived a great life but took his own life in the year 1961.

Some cool facts about him, he used to box in the ring.

Life in Paris,

Hemingway wrote manuscripts about his time in Paris but after his death in 1961, his 4th wife Mary Hemingway put his scripts together and out came the book, A Moveable Feast, published in 1964.

A list of Hemingway's writings.

  • The Torrents of Spring
  • The Sun Also Rises
  • A Farewell to Arms
  • To Have and Have Not
  • For Whom the Bell Tolls
  • Across the River and into the Trees
  • The Old Man and the Sea
  • Islands in the Stream
  • The Garden of Eden
  • True at First Light
  • Death in the Afternoon
  • Green Hills of Africa
  • Hemingway, The Wild Years
  • A Moveable Feast