National Fire Pup Day- October 1st

Why it Should be A National Holiday: Austin Kobza

Fire Pups, otherwise known as Dalmations, play a huge role in firefighters history. Here are some resons how:

  • The dogs kept rats away from the fire houses.
  • The dogs ran with the horses through the streets, keeping them calm as they pulled the fire wagon and raced towards the fire.
  • At the scene of the fire, the dogs protected the horses and equipment from any bystander damage.
  • The dogs kept back the crowds, because tyhe crowd recongnized the spots and made the connection that they were with the firefighters.

Fire Pup Day

Tuesday, Oct. 1st, 12am to Wednesday, Oct. 2nd, 12am

Midlothian, VA

Midlothian, VA

This day helps kids learn more about fire safety in a fun way, and also provides a little history and how Dalmations were actually really important.

Why this should be a National Holiday:

This day should be a holiday because dalmations played a huge part in firefighter history. All this new equipment is taking away there uses. If this day was a national holiday, people would take more thought about dalmations, and it would be a great way to teach people about fire saftey.