The Electric Light

Throw that kerosene away, Electric light will save the day

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Benefits of the light bulb

You can use it for work, table lamp, or in your room.


I learned that the light bulb was the most incredible technology people had back then. The light bulb was invented in 1879 by: Thomas Edison. The light bulb has a small or big filament inside that light ups when you put electricity through the wire. The bulb then produces light and heat at the same time.

The invention of the light bulb affected a lot of people by making their life much easier and much safer to use than gas lighting. Light bulbs has affected are lives today by giving us the different technology that use the source of light like computers, TV's, and other electronics. Without the electric light we will not have the technology that we use today.

The persuasive techniques I chose were trying to get your attention.