Viernes, el dieciocho de julio

U5 L5 ¿Qué va a hacer tu familia este fin de semana?

¡Enhorabuena! Shoutout to Anessa and William for advocating for their learning!

Anessa did not understand why a question on a learning quiz was counting as incorrect. She contacted me. And we found an error in the program. Way to go Anessa! That shows that she is revising her incorrect answers in order to learn from them. And in this case, she was right! William pinged me on BB IM and got some extra resources to help understand the very confusing Indirect Object Pronoun. Way to go!

Avisos: Today you should be wrapping up Unidad 5

I will be sending an email out this weekend to each parent and each school contact person with the information of where each student is exactly in the course and where they need to be on the schedule.

If you are behind and struggling, please contact the Peer Tutoring Center. They are there to help.

Lección: Unidad 5 L5 ¿Qué va a hacer tu familia este fin de semana? (ir + a + inf) and help with invites and excuses

Click the Voki link for Invites and Excuses.

What does Ir plus a plus inf mean? Well, you finally have a way to talk about something in the future. Up until now you have been restricted to the present, using only present tense. Here´s a way you can use the present tense of IR to talk about the future, as In "I am going to go ..." as opposed to "I go..."

Voy a ir a la playa.
Vas a ir a la playa.
Va a ir a la playa.

Conjugate IR to agree with the subject, then add the "a" and then the infinitive, or unconjugated form of a verb.