30 Day Vegan Challenge

Go Vegan for 30 days and see the results for yourself!

30 Day challenge - You can do it!

Ever thought about going vegan but haven't 'gotten around to it?

Well now is the time!

30 days.

eat vegan.

Take the challenge!

Every month, I host a new 30 day vegan challenge

Jump on board a 30 day vegan challenge with me and a bunch of people just like you!

With a group of fellow vegan virgins and a positive friendly community at your back to help you succeed!

My name is Emily

I first tried the 30 day vegan challenge 2 years ago. Since then I haven't looked back!

I feel and look better now than I ever have before, and I want to help you achieve the same!

This could be the healthiest, happiest 30 days of your life!

Why a 30 day vegan challenge?

If you have ever thought about going vegan, but think it would be too hard - just try it for 30 days. You will surprise yourself at how rewarding it is, how good you feel, and how easy it is too!

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