Cantor Workshop

Information for participants - Observers welcome

See you on Sept. 28th at 10am!

Participants: Please email the title of your selected piece to Rebecca no later than Sept 25th. Please bring a copy of the accompaniment for the pianists and a copy for Rebecca. There will be two pianists available, or you may bring your own accompanist from your church. There are 17 scheduled participants so the workshop may run a little after noon.

Choose a song, hymn or Psalm from your hymnal.

There are two ways to consider your choices. You could choose something you already do well, or even better, choose something that has "trouble spots." Trouble spots are places where you run out of breath, hard to hit notes (low or high), chanting lots of words on one pitch. Get some help where you need it!

Guaranteed to be fun and informative

Things to think about before you come to the workshop.

Does what you do at the podium encourage people to sing? Can we see your face? Are you inviting? Do people sing with you? Is this about you or about the congregation? Do you reflect the meaning of the text with your body energy and facial expressions?