Stay Motivated!

End of SUMMER studio Challenge!

STUDIO STEPS CHALLENGE! Who can Walk the "MOST" steps in a month! EVERYONE join us!

Stay motived and and make it fun too! Everyone who participates wins a prize.

This is a great way to track your workouts inside and outside of the studio. The person with the MOST steps wins and extra exciting prize :)

Order your Pedometers "NOW" there are a couple of styles to choose from, scroll down for photos.

Also check out our "RECIPE RACK" (next to the door in the studio). Bring in those fabulous recipes and I'll make copies. Take a few and try them and let us know which one was your favorite!

The "STEP CHALLENGE" will start in 2-weeks! To allow enough time to order the Pedometers for those that don't have one yet.

Get ready to Start STEPPIN!