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Types of Burns

-Heat Burns: These are also called thermal burns. They are caused by hot objects like steam, fire, or any hot liquid. The most common are scald burns, which are caused by hot liquids.

-Cold Temperature Burns: These burns are caused when your skin is exposed to wet, windy, or cold weather.

-Electrical Burns: These burns are caused when you make contact with an electrical source, like lightning.

-Chemical Burns: This type of burns occur by making contact with any type of chemicals (household/industrial).

-Radiation Burns: These are burns caused by an object radiating light like the sun, tanning booths, sunlamps, X-rays, and even radiation therapy.

-Friction Burns: These burns are caused by rough contact with a hard surface like roads, and carpets. These are normally a combination of a scrape and a heat burn.

Classifications of Burns

The Classifications for burns as described in the following video:

-A first degree burn is the most minor burn that effects only the outer skin layer.

-A second degree burns effect all the way down to the second skin layer which may involve severe blisters and scarring.

-A third degree skin layer that reaches the fat under the skin. This could cause numbness and destroyed nerves.

-Fourth degree burns are the most severe that reaches to the muscles and bones farther than the skin. The skin may be charred and you may feel nothing at all because of nerve damage.

Burns: Classification and Treatment


First aid for minor burns:

-Cool the burn by holding it under cool water. DO NOT ice the burn.

-While keeping it clean, cover the burn with a sterile gauze bandage.

-Take an over-the-counter pain reliever, but take care when giving to teenagers or children.

First aid for major burns:

-Immediately call 911 or emergency help.

-While they are getting there, don't remove any burned clothing, but definitely remove the victim away from the cause of the burn.

-Don't put the burn in cold water because it might cause hypothermia.

-If you don't see signs of circulation, perform CPR.

-Raise the burned body part(s) to an area above the heart.

-Cover the burn with a clean, cool, and moist bandage, cloth, or towel.

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medical advancements

Medical advances main points.

New and improved skin and burn ointments that work better and heal the burned areas quicker.

New occlusive dressings are less bulky and contain better antibacterial medicines for the skin.

The surgeries are much quicker and easier due to faster pace and preoperation plans.

victims of burns

Just like Chip in The Weirdo there are lots of burn victims out there. A burn victim that has an amazing story is Erin McNeill. Erin about to get a record deal to set her on the road of accomplishing dream of being a singer,when one night Erin's house burnt with her still inside. She was completely burnt but most severely burnt on her limbs and chest so bad that you could see her bones. Along with her burnt body her vocals received smoke damage beyond repair, ruining her singing career. To repair her burnt body Erin was put through surgery new to the scientific world, where the doctors used shark skin to trick the body to grow new skin cells. After all this Erin entered a beauty pageant to battle Facebook trolls. She was very successful and won the title Miss International Scotland. She continues to compete in pageants.

There are many more victims out there with amazing stories like Erins, who continue to live life to fullest.