Saxton Awards 15.10.21

Rainbow and Values Awards


Rainbow Awards:

Eden Batley - for her writing. She has been working hard on her letter formation and her presentation and this is really paying off. Well done Eden, keep this up.

Florence Williamson - I have been impressed with Florence this week trying her best to listen carefully on the carpet, taking turns in answering and having a go in lessons.

Ben Bosomworth - Well done Ben, you managed to beat the hungry crocodile everytime! Super effort learning how to compare numbers using the symbols for greater than, less than and equals.


Values Awards:

Courage - Ava Batley for having the courage to have a go at writing your story, completely independently. It was super too, well done!

Compassion - Marcus Connell for always being so kind and caring towards other people.

Rainbow Awards:

Rhys Clutton, Heidi Verlander-Bedford and Rory Watson for always remembering to try your hardest and for doing so well in every lesson.

Ava Batley from Mrs Blades - Ava you came and read to me on Friday. I really enjoyed hearing you read fluently and with expression. You were telling me about how you now love to read for pleasure, one of our school targets, so well done Ava for your hard work and perseverance.


Rainbow Awards:

Harry Connell, Freddy Forshaw, JJ Watson and Will Armstrong - Creativity award for presenting their writing in a very creative style!