Critical Thinking and Creativity

on the iPad


  • Have students take a selfie (shoulder shot).
  • Have students open Drawing Pad and select the selfie photo for the background.
  • Have students select a drawing tool (marker) and trace around all the features of the selfie.
  • Then have students remove the background (change to white).
  • Now they should have their drawing only. Students can take a screenshot to save.

Categorizing Animals

  • Using Drawing Pad, have students divide the screen in two vertically.
  • Have students write a category description on each section (With Legs, Without Legs OR Pets, Wild, etc.). You could categorizing anything - living, nonliving, by color, etc.
  • Have students use the stamp tool to place animals in the correct section. Students can pinch the animal to make it smaller.
  • Have students take a screenshot.

Toontastic and Story Elements

  1. Complete the Toontastic planning sheet.
  2. Open the Toontastic app, tap on "Toontastic Create Carton graphic then select "New Cartoon".
  3. Select the paintbrush for Setup.
  4. Choose a scene for your setting or create your own.
  5. Tap the arrow to move on.
  6. Select the character(s) for your scene.
  7. Tap the arrow to move on.
  8. Tap "Start" when you are ready to animate (you can move your characters and record audio. Tap "Stop" when you are done. If you need to re-record hit "Start" again.
  9. Tap the arrow to move on.
  10. Pick an emotion for the background music.
  11. Tap the arrow to move on.
  12. Repeat steps 3-11 for each element of the story.
  13. When finished, tap "Done". Enter a movie title and your name. Tap the checkbox to "Export to Camera Roll". Tap the Check when done to preview the movie.
  14. After the preview, the movie will be digitized and sent to your camera roll.
  15. Ideas: Have students create an animation using a story you are reading in class. Have students create an animation of a science process. Have students create an animation of something in history.