Hero Project

By: Quinn J

Hero Definition essay

The online webster's dictionary definition of a hero is "someone who is greatly admired for brave acts of fine quality." Being a hero is much more than that though, it is about doing the right thing. You don't have to have superpowers to be a hero, you just have know what's right.

A hero is a son who instead of going to college to get a degree decides to stay home to take care of his mother who was recently diagnosed with cancer. Imagine a young man who puts his future and his journey to a dream job on hold to stay home and take care of a mother who doesn't have anyone else to care for her. Consider the sacrifice he is making by staying at home and taking care of her, he could lose his chance at the job he has wanted since he started college. What if all of his work and his sacrifice is for nothing? Putting a fledgling career on the back burner is a tough decision, but when someone's life is on the line -especially someone who means alot to you like a mother or good friend- it is a sacrifice that sometimes needs to be made, even if you don't get anything out of it in return besides gratitude from your loved one. Even though the cost of making this sacrifice could be significant, it is a noble sacrifice by him putting the needs of other above the his own and doing the right thing.

A hero is someone who stands up for people who are in need of help. Jeff is a normal high school student who while walking down the hallway sees a younger student being bullied by an older and larger student. Jeff has been bullied in the past and thinks that no one should ever have to go through it, so he decides to intervene and put a stop to what is going on. Intervening to stop someone from being bullied is tough to do sometimes. Jeff made the right decision in stopping the younger kid from being bullied because when you are a bystander and you don't intervene, a lot of the times you can feel responsible. The younger kid could have been hurt physically or mentally by the bullying. Even if it doesn't seem like a very heroic act, a small act can go a long way, Jeff intervening is a sign of real, everyday heroism in our world.

As has been shown in the previous paragraphs, both the caring son and the student who intervened during a bullying situation is a sign of true heroism. If someone can do the right thing, and help others in their time of need should be seen as a hero in the eyes of society. Many people have been admired for brave acts, but brave acts are not the only things that make you a hero. Think back to things that you have done in your life, have you had to help someone in a time of need? Looking at these examples, you can see that you don't have to wear a cape to be a hero.

Untouchable hero essay

According to the webster's dictionary the definition of a hero is someone who is greatly admired for brave acts or deeds of fine quality. My hero is former Running back of the Chicago Bears Walter Payton. He was the running back from 1975 to 1987 and was the NFL (National Football League) MVP in 1977. He also won Super Bowl XX in 1985. He retired as the NFL all time leading rusher. Off of the field was active in charities and started many companies. Payton sadly died in 1999 from bile duct cancer. Walter Payton fits the criteria of a true hero because of his play on the field and his personality off of it.

Walter Payton is a true hero because of his performance playing football and his compassion off the field. Walter Payton was one of the greatest runningbacks of all time setting many rushing records. Off the field he was well known for his kindness. He was loved by all of his peers and was known to play pranks on all his teammates. (Jackson, Markoe.) He started the Walter Payton Foundation, which provided Education and support for abused children. (Jackson, Markoe.) On the field he played with a ferocity which was a contrast from his personality off of it. He retired as the NFL’s all time leading rusher and held records in many other categories, in the 1977 season teammates saw a different Payton, a silent and moody one, this was because he was preparing for one of the single greatest rushing seasons in the history of the NFL. He ended the season with 1,872 rushing yards and became the youngest player to be crowned MVP. (Contemporary Black Biography) Even as he was diagnosed with a rare liver disease that slowly gave him bile duct cancer he refused to let his status as a celebrity move himself up the transplant list. (Barnes.) This info shows that Payton is a true hero because of his dedication to his team and his generosity and friendliness while not playing.

Walter Payton was an amazing running back and an amazing man, my dad might not be a hall of fame running back, but to me he is an amazing man. As stated before, Payton is well known for his “sweetness” which was also his nickname (Newsmakers.) and was an amazing player who wowed thousands of fans any given Sunday. My dad is not a hero to thousands (At least I think.) but he is a hero to me. He is because of how he inspires me to work hard every day and to provide for your family and friends. Walter Payton and my dad are both heroes because of Payton's commitment to his play and his friendliness and my dad's commitment to providing for me and my family.

Walter Payton's motto was “Never Die Easy” he also followed advice that his father gave him early in life. “Never settle for second best, that you either try to do your best or don't try at all.” (Jackson, Markoe.) If Walter Payton was here today and gave me some advice, I think it would be something along those lines, to always do your best, and to never give up or take the easy way out.

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Mike Johnston is my father, he was born on July 5th, 1966 in Westchester Illinois and grew up in St. Charles. He went to college at the University of Wisconsin in Madison. He has 2 kids, Tatum and Quinn(Me). He lives in Chicago, Illinois.