Seatbealts In Schoolbusses

Should We Have Them?

My Point of View

I think that seat belts should be aloud on school buses but not forced to be on them. I know that school buses are made so you can't hurt yourself in a crash or when the driver has to brake hard. l know that seat belts cost a lot and it might cost more than $1,000 to install these seat belts.



School Bus Seat Belts - James Walker

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SafeGuard Answers: "Why Seat Belts on School Buses?"


Chicago tribune says "Seat belts on school buses don`t increase safety for the children who wear them and might contribute to injuries in some severe accidents, according to a federal study.
Study showed 90 percent of the unbelted passengers in serious accidents suffered only minor or no injuries and found belts probably would not have helped students who were seriously hurt."

"The number of deaths and severe injuries in the accidents we investigated would not have been changed by the use of lap belts," safety board spokesman Ted Lopatkiewicz said.


People that are with belts in buses are not noticing that with belts it would be harder to evacuate the bus.

People that are with no belts in buses are not noticing that people would be smashed together in a crash.

what I found instresting

I found that most people are with seat belts in buses.