The Rideau Report

November 2019

Principal's Message

"We must never forget that the highest appreciation is not to utter words but to live by them." John F. Kennedy

As you can see by the length of this month's newsletter, November is shaping up to be another busy month at Rideau. Students are buzzing around the school, working on projects, participating in clubs, engaging in sports, singing songs from the Musical, and sharing their joy of learning in a hundred different ways.

During November, we recognize three important events. Remembrance Week leads up to our Remembrance Day ceremony next Monday. Families are welcome to join us for our assembly beginning at 10:30 a.m. in the gym. Bullying Awareness week is the third week in November, which includes an assembly on the Monday, Pink Shirt Day on Friday, and other awareness activities through the week. Finally, the month of November is Indigenous Education month. Through announcements, posters, and other classroom activities, we will work towards Reconciliation and increased awareness amongst all students.

Work on Disney's The Lion King Jr. continues daily as we push towards our show dates during the second week of December. Excitement is building, and we will be looking for parent and community help with sets, costumes, and other important aspects of putting on an amazing production. Thank you in advance for all your support of the arts at Rideau!

We try to make our communications with families as effective as possible. All email communication will be done through School Messenger this year, so please ensure that we have your correct email address by returning your child's Data Verification Form, if you haven't already done so. Our website: also has our newsletters, a school calendar, and other useful information. Twitter is another way to keep up with what's happening at Rideau. Follow us @RideauPS_LDSB . You don't even need a Twitter account to follow us! Just Google the name and you can see our Twitter feed. We are interested in your feedback. You can always email or call the school at 613-546-5901. Thank you for your continued support of the work we do every day!

G. Seiveright, Principal

Remembrance Day

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Our Remembrance Day Ceremony this year will be on November 11, beginning at 10:30 a.m. Families and community members are invited to join us for this important assembly, and students who are part of service groups such as Guides and Cubs are invited to wear their uniforms. We will also be collecting donations for the Royal Canadian Legion's Poppy Fund again this year, and all students will receive either a poppy sticker or a poppy to wear on Remembrance Day.

Bullying Awareness Week

Our annual Bullying Awareness week this year will run from November 18-22. We will kick off the week with an assembly on Monday, and spread the message all week about the importance of being an Upstander, and of talking to a trusted adult at school when problems become too big for students to solve on their own. We will once again be recognizing Pink Shirt Day on Friday, November 22.


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Thanks to your generosity, we collected over 1700 pairs of socks for Socktober! That was enough to fill 5 huge garbage bags full of socks. Every colour house brought in more than 300 pairs, and Purple House brought in over 500! Felicitations, tout le monde!

Progress Reports

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On November 19, students will bring home their Progress Report (gr. 1-6) or Kindergarten Initial Observations. This report reflects progress and learning that has taken place over the first 9 weeks of the year. This is an opportunity to see areas of strength and next steps that have been identified by your child's educators at this early point in the year. It is a chance to have a conversation with your child about how they are doing, and what their goals might be for the rest of the term. If you have any questions about your child's Progress Report or Initial Observations, please contact their teacher.

Spirit Days

Busing info

Please note that we are not able to accommodate requests for children to ride on buses other than their own, for play dates, parties, etc. This can create tracking problems at the office, and with our full buses may result in too many students on one bus. Thank you for your understanding.


Our Character Trait for the month of November is Perseverance. Students were introduced to this concept at an assembly in October. We watched a video about a skateboarder who was trying to set a world record, and crashed many times, suffering scrapes and bruises, before finally achieving success. We shared that learning anything new is hard work, and that we must all persevere, sticking to it, as we grow and learn. This month ask your child how they persevered at school or at home, and what they learned about themselves from the experience.

Spirit Wear

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Our first Spirit Wear order of the year will happen later in November. Watch for a notice home later in the month. The order form will also be available on our website. Thanks School Council for helping us build school spirit!

Communication with Families

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The School Messenger tool is a way for parents and families to stay connected with Rideau. Parents must now use the School Messenger system to report absences, and we will use this tool to share newsletters and communicate emergency and other information. You can download the School Messenger app to your Smartphone for free and choose how it is best for us to reach you. Please ensure that your email in School Messenger is the same one on file at the school, in order to receive newsletters and report absences.

Boomerang Lunches

Our Eco Club was excited to share that Boomerang Lunches are back at Rideau! The Boomerang Lunch program focuses on important objectives! We hope to reduce waste and encourage students and their families to review and rethink about the way they prepare and package lunch and snack foods. All pre-packaged waste from your child’s lunches and snacks will be returned home in their lunch bags. This includes any packaging, plastic bags and wrapping.


It’s the right thing to do for our environment! Most lunch waste in our school comes from disposable packaging of single use food items, such as plastic bags, yogurt cups, and juice boxes. It’s estimated that the average school age child using a disposable lunch produces 67 pounds of lunch waste per school year! At Rideau Public School, that translates into nearly 28,140 pounds of waste! Although some of this waste is made of recyclable materials, it is still a huge cost to transport, and process these items. Encouraging the use of re-usable containers will reinforce that children can be part of the solution to our waste problems. As well, municipal recycling programs are more effective than school programs, with more collected and less contamination.

Boomerang lunches also enable parents to see what their children are actually eating during the day. By bringing home the leftovers you will see what’s been eaten or not. Teachers see a huge amount of uneaten food go into the garbage day after day. This is not only wasteful but expensive.

One of the main concerns parents have expressed with the boomerang lunch program is that their child will return home with a messy lunch bag. Theses items can be placed in sealed reusable containers.

We know this program will require families to re-think food preparation and student actions. Our hope is that informative discussions will take place at home and school and habits will change. Packing a waste-free lunch not only helps the environment, it can also result in healthier, more nutritious snack/lunches as many prepackaged foods contain significant amounts of salt, preservatives, sugar and fat. There is also a cost savings as lunches made of prepackaged items cost significantly more than buying larger quantities and serving them in re-usable containers.

Boomerang lunches work!

Thanks for your support with this very important initiative. Merci du club-Eco!

School Council News

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School council is excited to announce their new extra-curricular sponsorship program! This program has been created to ensure all students have an equal opportunity to become involved with sports and other programs within Rideau Public, regardless of financial resources. Donations to this initiative would be graciously accepted through the office!

Also, winter is coming and Kinder classes are looking for your gently used clothing and outdoor gear. These donations will be dispersed among Kinder classrooms to ensure that students have extra clothes available to them when needed. Kinders have adorable ways of getting themselves cold and wet this season, so let's help keep them warm! Donations can be dropped off in the box located in the front foyer of the school. Sizes 3T-5T are best suited for this age group! Thank you for helping our Rideau community!

School Council meetings for the rest of this calendar year are as follows:

  • Wednesday, Nov. 6, 6:30 - 8:00
  • Wednesday, Dec. 4, 6:30 - 8:00

Meetings are in the staff room, and child care is available in the gym.

Parent Volunteer list

Our School Council maintains a volunteer list that is called upon to help with various special events throughout the year. Signing up for the list does not commit you to volunteer, but is a way for us to send out requests. If you would like to sign up for the volunteer list, please go to . Thanks!

Safe Arrival

Please remember to report absences through the Safe Arrival Website/App, or by phoning

1-855-257-9349. Even if your child is just going to be late due to an appointment, please report them absent for the day, and we will change it when they arrive. Thanks for your support!

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Upcoming events

  • November 1 - PA Day
  • November 6 - School Council 6:30
  • November 8 - Spirit Day - Jerseys/Sports Team Day
  • November 11 - Remembrance Day Ceremony - 10:30
  • November 15 - Spirit Day - School Colours Day
  • November 18 - Bullying Awareness Assembly - 9:30
  • November 19 - Progress Reports/Kindergarten Initial Observations sent home
  • November 20 - Photo Retake Day
  • November 22 - Pink Shirt Day
  • November 29 - PA Day

Check our school calendar on our website for the most current listing of events!

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