Journey Into Detroit

My Life Altering Journey

I am going to venture on a week long life altering journey through the city of Detroit. I will be helping out the needy and less fortunate. Detroit is in need of much help and is enduring a rough time. There are many people that could are in need of help in life and could benefit from the smallest of things. Detroit is in a deep state of poverty and many citizens of Detroit are struggling to escape the poverty. I feel like by taking this trip I will get a better understanding of how fortunate I am. I will see how much better off in life I have in than many people do. Once I get back I will appreciate all the little things in life that help make my life the way it is. Many people in world, such as many of those living in Detroit, would do anything to have just one of many of the little things I get everyday. An example would be place to live. I take it for granted but many people are not fortunate enough to have a steady place to stay every night. I believe once I return home from Detroit I will be a much more aware and appreciative person.

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Boys and Girls Club- Detroit

My last stop on my trip in Detroit will be at the Boys and Girls Club- Detroit. On my final stop I would like to spend some more time with children seeing what it is like to grow up in Detroit. While at the Boys and Girls Club I will volunteer helping out with whatever they need help with. I am hoping to spend a lot of time with the children and I would love to be able to talk to the children about their life. I am hoping that I will be able to better appreciate how my life has been growing up and have greater appreciation for how my parents raised me.

On my week long journey throughout Detroit I learned a lot that I believe will make this trip life-altering. I got a lot out of all of my stops throughout the trip. Observing how different the quality of life is in Detroit made me realize a lot about my life, that I believe will benefit me greatly. One thing I learned is to appreciate all of the little things I have in life that some others do not. Examples would be food everyday, a house to live in, a cell phone, my own room, and a car. Many people are not fortunate to have any of them and would do anything to have just 1 or 2 of them. I learned how lucky I am to have grown up the way I have. It was not until I got back from this trip that I realized how appreciative I should be of my parents for the way in which they raised me. I am really luck to live the life I do because it could be a lot worse. I learned that I need to stop complaining over stuff I do not get because that is just greedy, because I am provided with everything I need plus more. This trip has made me look at life from a whole other viewpoint than I previously did.


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