Mrs. Koontz's Newsletter

February 1, 2016

Important Notes

Here are a few important reminders:
  • If your child will go home a different way than usual, you will need to write a note. If I do not have a note saying they will go home a different way, I will send them home their normal way.
  • If you have any extra boxes of tissues, we would be very happy to have them. We go through them very quickly.
  • Please, please make sure your child has a supply of pencils and a dry erase marker (black works best). I have depleted my supply of dry erase markers for the year.
  • As the weather has finally turned cold, I would like to remind everyone that we go outside every day unless it is raining. Students who are not appropriately dressed will not be permitted to go outside. Please check and make sure your child comes to school dressed to go outside at 10:00 am. Thank you.
  • A letter regarding our valentine exchange will go home shortly. I ask that everyone bring in a small box (ie tissue, shoe box, etc.) that we can use as a mailbox for our valentines. Please send this in by Wednesday, February 10.

Math Notes

We have finally finished Module 3!! We are now working on Module 4, Geometry. This module is a lot shorter than Module 3, but just as intense. We have already discussed and explored geometric terms such as line, point, angle, ray, and line segment. In the next couple of weeks, we will focus on recognizing lines as parallel or perpendicular, identifying and constructing different types of angles (obtuse, acute, and right), measuring angles using varied protractors, and finding unknown angle measurements using the adjacent angle measurements.

Science Notes

We are still studying rocks and minerals. Currently, we are finishing up weathering and erosion. Our next focus will be soil. Once we finish our investigation into soil, we will review and then have our cumulative assessment. Our next unit of study is a quick, but fun one, fossils.

Important Dates!!!

February 5 - Group pictures

February 10 - Have small box in for valentine exchange (letter coming home Monday)

February 12 - Class Valentine Exchange

February 15 - No school for students

February 18 - Spirit Day/Chic Fil A Night

February 26 - Early Release day (11:30)

Contact Me!

Here are some ways to contact me throughout the day. Remember, I will not get phone messages until after school.