Digital Footprint

Mark Praca

What's a Digital Footprint?

A digital footprint is an identity being created based on your actions, your digital footprint is very important because it give's an impression about you. For example if you have a very bad digital footprint your chances of getting a good job is very little.

What is My Digital Footprint

  • YouTube Channel (Having one says that I'm into entertainment or I use it for school purposes)
  • Twitter ( Things I do on twitter are very simple, I want to be kept up to date with news whether it may be political or not.)
  • LinkedIn ( Having a LinkedIn basically feels like you have a digital resume, I can basically put yourself out there professionally.)
Having these accounts says a lot about my footprint, it suggests that I'm active on social media and my digital footprint does exist

How Can My Digital Footprint Impact Me

I feel like my digital footprint is pretty clean, online I don't do stupid things. I may share a funny thing here and there for some humor but I don't do anything that can ruin my digital footprint in the future

A negative thing that could be on my digital footprint are numerous accounts for social media, other than that nothing could really harm my digital footprint.

What Can I Do To Better My Digital Footprint?

Things I can do are volunteer, I can volunteer at nursing homes, food drives, and much more, I will have to take pictures of me at those places and posting them on social media.

I can also not do anything bad such as post pictures of me doing bad things such as drinking.

What I've Learned About Maintaining a Digital Footprint

One of the most important things I've learned was that even if you did something stupid a long time ago it will catch up to you eventually. For example you did something stupid with your buddies when you where in high school, now your applying for a job. Your employer searches your name and one of the things that pop up are you drinking with your friends especially under aged, your chances of getting that job is very little. The main idea is don't do anything stupid and post it on social media because that's not gonna help you in anyway.