MB's Multi 1-2 Classroom News

Edition 11

Polar Pop Ups- 3D Perspectives!

Students created 3-D polar pop up trioramas depicting a scene from the Arctic and Antarctic...Polar Opposites as the saying goes! The trioramas, along with our sentence strip fact wall, will be on display throughout Parent Student Teacher Conferences: April 5th and April 12th

Gallery Walk of Polar Fact Jigsaw

After our virtual field trip of the Polar Google Expedition, and reading several books about the North and South Poles, and polar bears and penguins, the students were split up into four corners/teams. Each team chose a recorder and got to work brainstorming all of the facts they could think of about our Polar Study. We call this Polar Prowess!!! Then we did a gallery walk and listened to the facts which each team had come up with. Each team decided how they would share the facts!
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Sharing A Piece of Our Writing!

Students had the chance to share a piece of their writing from their Writer's Notebook with a buddy. Each student had the chance to ask a few questions and provide some feedback to the author and illustrator!

Read with Someone!

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Speaking of buddies, here are two buddies reading to self in the teepee during our morning Read to Self time!

Daily 5 CAFE Still a FAV

Daily 5 CAFE time still is a favorite of all of the students and teacher in Room 128! We can't get enough of read to self, read with someone, listen to someone read, work on writing, and word work. The students also have the chance to read a good fit book with MB or join a strategy reading group and learn a new secret to success for a reading strategy! So glad to have the chance to work on spelling patterns with Sum Dog Spelling!