What's Happening at the Ranch!

It's almost December! Week of November 30th, 2015

Shout Outs

Shout out to Gustavo for keeping our campus clean. ~ Paul

Shout out to Carolyn for organizing a successful field trip. ~ Paul, Wendy and Courtney

Shout out to last week for giving us the rest that WE NEEDED to finish the semester strong! ~ Janet

Shout out to Carolyn for planning and organizing the 6th grade field trip. She really went above and beyond for this one. ~ Janet

Mr. Morris took a journey into space on a rocket of his own design to study force and motion. This was done at CAST 2015. Huge thank you to Courtney for letting me attend this amazing event. ~ Marshall

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What's on deck for this week...

Tuesday, December 1 - 6th graders to big gym during Plus

6:00 - 8th gr Girls Basketball @ Schim, 8th gr Boys Basketball @ CMS

Wednesday, December 2 - White Rose Wednesday, wear your Reading Games shirt and your white rose! (Have you updated your pages, the staff is behind! I'm sure you all read a lot during the break!!)

Thursday, December 3 - 7:40 Leadership Production Meeting

7th graders to big gym during Plus

6:00 - 7th gr Girls Basketball @ Schim, 7th gr Boys Basketball @ CMS

Friday, December 4 - College Shirt Day

8th graders to big gym during Plus

Side by Side Orchestra concert @ Clark HS

Saturday, December 5 - Speech Tournament

Ranch Keeping

Welcome Back!

  • In honor of the holiday season, beginning the week of December 7th, please enjoy the privilege of wearing jeans. Be on the lookout for themed days such as holiday colors day, ugly sweater day, holiday getaway day, etc. ~ Courtney

  • For our Plus 5 and Plus 6 days, we will not have a passing period from 5th period to Plus 5 and Plus 6 to 6th period. We will turn off the bells during this time to remind students of the expectation to stay in the room. If students need a break, they can go to the restroom or get water during an appropriate time in the class period with a pass (one student at a time).

  • Keeping up with grades? Remember, grades from the previous week should be entered by each Tuesday. So all November grades should be completed and entered by tomorrow, December 1st.

  • On December 14th we're going to have our Academic Pep Rally. More details will follow about the schedule for the day and how all that will work. It may not look exactly like our regular pep rallies. We're excited to celebrate all our academic successes for the first semester!

  • Cafeteria/Hallway Morning Procedures

    All sixth graders eating breakfast should promptly report to the cafeteria when they arrive on campus. They are not allowed to hang out until 8:10 am and then decide they want to eat. As sixth graders arrive, please have them fill in along the walls down to Ms. Pierce’s room. Students are not to congregate next to the display case, in any stairwell, or block classroom doors. All students should remain seated unless they have permission from an adult to use the restroom or get a drink of water. No food/drinks/candy allowed in the hallway. If you have any trouble with students after you have warned them, please come find an administrator in the cafeteria or hallway.