Chipotle Kids Power Festival

Discovery Green Park, May 26th and 27th, 2012

Event Round Up:

Chipotle Kids Power Festival was an outdoor 2-day kids fest centered around creativity and fun at Discovery Green Park in downtown Houston. The festival included an interactive event called "We Built this City" where kids and families could build their own city out of over 8,000 cardboard boxes. There was also an on site swap meet where families and kids could showcase their own hand made goods and buy, sell or trade them with other festival goers.

Chipotle had a colorful, farmers market decorated booth and an interactive onsite presence which highlighted our fresh ingredients. We had conversations with over 2,000 kids and families, inviting them to engage in our journey to Cultivate a better world, and encouraging them to start their own journey at home. Each visitor received a Chipotle recycled and biodegradable grow pot, a cilantro seed kit, and a soil pod, along with a recipe for homemade tomato salsa or guacamole to try at home. Lastly we aimed to drive trial into our local restaurants with a BOGO card for each guest.

This was a wonderful event for us and gave us a chance to engage with one of our key targets in the Houston market -- families. These folks were excited to learn about our ongoing efforts for fresh ingredients, as well as our kid friendly dining options. It was a great way to initiate some meaningful conversations, and we should see some new customers eager to try our fresh food in the coming weeks.

Event Photos