Texas Road Trip...

By: Douglas DoNascimento

Day 1: Austin

In the warm atmosphere of hot, humid, Austin, I was in my air conditioned car that along the way cooled me off while visiting the Stephen F. Austin statue. This was an amazing experience because I got to view in person, the very detailed sculpture of the one and only Stephen F. Austin. Along my visit in Austin, I stopped by the state Capitol! The Texas state Capitol is located in downtown Austin, and is the fourth building to house the state government of Texas. The last stop I made in Austin was the Barton Springs Pool. every year, people come to this 1,000 foot long natural limestone pool, fed by several underground springs, for everything from fishing and swimming to baptisms or just having a good time swimming!

Day 2: Galveston

In the cooling 70 degree weather of Galveston, I was in my convertible car on my way to see the Statue in memory of the victims of the 1900 Storm. Now let me tell you, this was simply an amazingly beautiful sculpture because its extremely detailed, you can even tell how the mans ribs are sculpted just so perfectly. Another historical place I came along to visit was the Galveston County Historical Museum.The Galveston County Historical Museum is a must, especially if you know nothing of the history of the area. It's free, it's air-conditioned and very informative. It also has great exhibits to visit. The last stop I made at Galveston was the Galveston east beach. East Galveston beach is Located at the far eastern tip of the island, This Beach is famous for the great festivals and live concerts held throughout the summer.

Day 3: Fort Worth

My day starts off in hot 86 degree weather of Fort Worth in the outdoors visiting the J.F.K. statue. This was an amazing experience because It wasn't just the statue too gaze at, as you can tell in the picture below, there is also a very well made wall with writing on it about the amazing man John F. Kennedy. This is actually a new memorial in downtown Fort Worth. It is meant to capture the hope and promise the president offered to the country and the world before he was assassinated in Dallas. Beside from the statue I visited, I also visited the Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth. this amazing building is made of of 5 pavilions of concrete and glass arranged around a 1.5 acre reflecting pond. Pretty cool huh? Inside you will find more than 3,000 significant works of art including pieces by Pablo Picasso and even Andy Warhol! My last stop in Fort worth was the Fort Worth Nature Center and refuge.This was a fun and exciting place to stop at because of the hiking trails.

Some attractions include 20 miles of hiking trails, a resident bison herd and prairie dog colony, a marsh boardwalk and the Hardwicke Interpretive Center.

Day 4: Graham

Early in the morning i'm already in the car on my way to the Graham Texas post office statue. When I arrived, I'll be completely honest, I was really disappointed. It was nothing special, it was just a cowboy and a little fire. But on the bright side it was a pretty detailed statue. After I visited that statue, I was on my way to the Old Post Office Museum & Art Center (OPOMAC), which is located in a National Historic Building in the center of the downtown square in Graham, Texas. This wonderfull place was once a post office but is now a very historical museum open for the public. I had an amazing time looking at all the artwork in this museum. For mt next visit, I went off to the Graham Country Club Golf Course. The Graham Country Club Golf Course was super fun, and I don't even enjoy golf that much so it was an even better experience because I don't ever golf in my spare time. It is open to the public Tues-Sunday. At this friendly, tree-shaped course I learned lots of things/facts about it, such as it featuring 24 sand bunkers, was named one of the top-ranked 9-hole golf courses in Texas by the Dallas Morning News.

Day 5: Lubbock

In the slightly hot 86 degree weather of lubbock, I was excited to visit the the Buddy Holy Statue which is located in the Buddy and Maria Elena Holly Plaza, just across the street from the Buddy Holly Center. This is a must visit for Buddy Holly and music fans. The plaza is well laid out, with the life like heroic-sized statue of Buddy Holly as the centerpiece.The Buddy Holly Statue is one of the ways the City of Lubbock honors its most favorite son. The statue was originally located by the Civic Center on 8th Street and was recently moved to the new Buddy and Maria Elena Holly Park at 19th Street and Crickets Avenue. The statue is now the centerpiece of the West Texas Walk of Fame. After visiting the amazing statue of Buddy Holy, I went off to visit the Silent Wings Museum. The Silent Wings Museum is a fascinating glimpse into the history of both WWII and Lubbock combined. The museum has collections of guns, uniforms, war souvenirs, and even a movie about the war! The building that houses the museum was once the Lubbock airport. There is even an intact glider plane as in the museum! My last stop is going to be at the Lubbock lake. Once I arrived I was very exited to see archaeology in action. We will get to speak with and learn from real archaeologists and excavators and take tours of places not normally open to the public. After the visit I was very pleased and had a great time. I truly hope I will be able to go and visit again.

Day 6: Plainview

In the cooling 72 degree weather of Plainview Texas, I was enjoying a chocolate chip cookie dough blizzard at Dairy Queen, as I was gazing at the Dairy Queen Cow statue. This was by far the most creative statue I've seen so far. It was very creative because it had some of their ice cream sundaes from the menu on the cow statue. After my visit at the Dairy queen Cow statue, I headed off to the Plainview Roller Coaster museum. The Roller Coaster Museum and Archives is currently housed in a 1,250 square foot exhibit space in Plainview Texas. There are tons of displays of various sizes, that involve a lot of aspects on the subject of roller coasters. The museum even includes seats from the thunder express roller coaster. The museum was a blast, my favorite part was when I saw old parts of roller coaster rides and got to sit in them. The last stop I made in Plainview Texas, was the Plainview Point monument. I found this place interesting because of all the cool fossil remains of extinct bison. The Plainview Point Monument is a historical marker that recognizes the place with running water where spear points were discovered and associated with the fossilized remains of about 100 extinct bison.

Day 7: El Paso

In the slightly hot 88 degree temperature of El Paso, I drive up to the amazing statue of Juan de Onate. This statue is truly the best I've seen so far because of it's amazing detail. You can even see the detail on the horse's tail. This amazing statue was bolted into place on October 25, 2006 at the entrance to El Paso, Texas's international airport. It stands 36 feet tall on an eight-foot base, and is the second-tallest statue in Texas.The statue is a horse-riding Spanish conquistador named Don Juan de Oñate. It initially drew approval from city officials because Oñate was known for celebrating the first Thanksgiving in The New World, near present-day El Paso. My next stop in El Paso was the El Paso Museum of Art Foundation. The El Paso Museum of Art is located near Southwest University Park. This museum has works of art by Manuel Gregorio Acosta, Frank Duveneck, Childe Hassam and so much more! My favorite piece of art was the man sitting on a wagon with what looks like a very small version of the Earth. The last stop I made in El Paso was the waterfall at dripping springs. It's very pretty there, and it's an easy path to do. You can also get some good views off the trail. This trail has sights of nature's creatures such as, birds and coyotes to tarantulas and even scorpions! I truly did have an amazing time in El Paso and hope to visit again sometime.

Day 8: Pecos

The first stop I made in pecos Texas was the metal bird statue, This was a pretty cool statue because It is made entirely from metal. This statue represents a bald eagle on top of a cactus with a stick in it's mouth. It was actually pretty disappointing to me because it looked like whoever made the statue was pretty careless about the place it was set in. The next place I stopped in Pecos Texas was the West of the Pecos Museum. The West of the Pecos Museum is a recognized landmark in Pecos Texas that opened in 1963. There are Three floors with over 50 rooms of exhibits collectively, artifacts, history, and the outdoor exhibits. I learned a lot, and had a ton of fun in the museum and I truly hope I can visit again. The last stop I made In pecos Texas/ the road tri was the Pecos river. The Pecos River flows through Pecos Texas, emptying into the Rio Grande. The headwaters of the Pecos River are located north of Pecos, New Mexico, United States, at an elevation of over 12,000 feet on the slope of the Sangre de Cristo mountain range in Mora County. The river flows for 926 miles in Texas before it empties into the Rio Grande near Del Rio. This river is really cool, and I had an amazing time during my road trip, and I hope I can do another road trip sometime soon.