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3rd Six Weeks Winter 2015 - 2016


Ford Elementary School received first place out of 25 elementary schools in PSJA at the "Battle of the Bluebonnet Books" January 15, 2016! Contestants were to read 6 Texas Bluebonnet Books chosen from a list of 20 books recommended by Texas librarians. The six books were the following:

Quinny & Hopper

Emily's Blue Period

Zane and the Hurricane

Sky Jumpers

The Hero's Guide to Saving Your Kingdom

Separate Is Never Equal

Our two brilliant students, Kenya Antuna and Marianna Hernandez, from Ford Elementary were asked questions from each of the six books. They had 15 seconds to answer correctly. Our girls were the only students who did not miss a single question. Alan Shoemaker, Channel 5 meteorologist, was the MC. The contest was videotaped by KTRI. Afterwards plaques were presented to the winners as well as tablets. All contestants were treated to "The Main Event" for all their hard work. Congratulations all the participants, a big thank you to Mrs. Nora Galvan for putting this all together. Kudos to all the hardworking librarians for taking care of all the details. Thank you to Kenya and Marianna for being so responsible and self motivated. You made us "FORD PROUD!"

Pictured are Top Left to Right: Angie Marchese, librarian, Nora Galvan, Library Services Coordinator, Alan Shoemaker MC (Channel 5 meteorologist), and Ronnie Cantu , School Board Member. Bottom Left to Right: Mariana Hernandez and Kenya Antuna.

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Battle of the Bluebonnets 001

Texas Bluebonnet Award

Every year 20 Bluebonnet Books are recommended by Texas librarians. The student must have read (or heard read aloud) at least five of the books from the Master List. Voting takes place during the month of January statewide. Each student in grades 4-5 from Ford Elementary may vote one time during the week of January 25-29, 2016. The author with the most student votes throughout the state of Texas will be honored at the Texas Librarians Convention in Houston this Spring.

Lunch Book Club

Ford "Lunch Book Club" has been meeting every Friday enjoying food, friends and having fun discussing the Bluebonnet Books for 2015-2016. Some student favorites have been Quinny & Hopper, Zane and the Hurricane, and Hero's Guide to Saving Your Kingdom.

Dewey Decimal System, Destiny and MackinVIA

Students have been using their research skills searching for science books on polar bears, penguins, and Antarctica. Library skills are taught year round using the library program "Destiny" to aid students in their research and learning. Children are reminded how they can locate electronic books and hardcover books. Lessons are reinforced with the Dewey Decimal system on how to locate these books. Children are given Dewey Decimal bookmarks to help them recall and remember. MackinVIA is also used in the library as a wonderful database resource for learning. MackinVIA states that it "is a complete eResource management system providing easy access to eBooks and educational databases. With just one login, users can view, utilize, and manage all of their eResources." Bookmarks are given with MackinVIA access info. As librarians we help teach students to be able to do these skills on their own. As educators, librarians are there to guide them in their journey of learning!

Seasonal Internet Activities

December brought various internet lessons for the holiday season. Decorating a Christmas tree or gingerbread house were some of the activities done online. A favorite was students e-mailing Santa what they wanted for Christmas. He asked if they had been naughty or nice? A surprise was he talked to them and wrote them back. Awesome behavior was displayed for Santa during that lesson!

4th Grade Advanced Reader Science Challenge

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Fourth grade students were challenged to read science books by the Santa Ana Wildlife Refuge in collaboration with PSJA. The top two science readers were awarded the "Every Kid in a Park" pass for winning. The pass gives students free entry to national parks, national forests, national wildlife refuges, and more. In this way fourth graders with their families are encouraged to expand their horizons by investigating, exploring, and enjoying science.

Pictured left to right: Susana Ramirez, P-SJ-A Science Coordinator, Mrs. P. Salinas, Ford Principal, student winners Christopher Serna, Damenik Reyes, and Gisela Chapa, Refuge Manager Santa Ana.

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"First Book" Distribution

Ms. Marchese, Ford librarian, was at the "First Book"distribution sorting 84,000 books for the giveaway. The event took place at the Old Yzaguirre Middle School cafeteria on Saturday, December 12, 2015. Students were given 4 books each. Many happy faces were seen choosing from the wide arrange of titles.

Family Literacy Night

Family Literacy Night was held in the library on Thursdays in November, December, and January after school. Parents joined in reading with their child and students were able to AR test. Community and reading are very important to our children to allow in their educational growth.

Sotomayor Early College High School Volunteers @ Ford Library

Sotomayor Early College High School students come every Friday for 2 1/2 hours and volunteer at the Ford Library. Sotomayor's librarian, Mrs. Castillo, and ELA teacher, Mrs. Garcia, collaborated with Ford librarian, Ms. Marchese, to have students volunteer helping 1st Grade children read. Pre-K and Kinder students have also benefited greatly by these wonderful girls coming to assist in learning activities for the boys and girls at Ford Elementary.

Enrollment and Library Circulation

School Enrollment: 860

Circulation for 3rd Six Weeks (books checked in and out)