Sir Thomas Wyatt

"They Flee From Me"

Author's Life

  • brought the sonnet to English literature
  • born at Allington, Kent, in 1503
  • over six feet tall, both handsome and physically strong
  • possibly had an affair with Anne Boleyn
  • imprisoned for adultery
Sir Thomas Wyatt "They flee from me" Poem animation


  • "They" refers to women. An extended metaphor in the first stanza compares the woman to a deer. She sought "food" from his hand until she was tame but forgot about him and sought "food" elsewhere.
  • In the second stanza he remembers all the times with the girl, especially one time where she sought him in vivid and sensual detail.
  • The third stanza compares the past to how the girl treats him now. It compares the past stanza to being almost a dream but he assures that it was real.
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