By Kyra McCracken


What did Paul revere do to be in the revolutionary war?He did a lot of things.He also had a big family.Paul had six-teen children, two wife's.But who else?Paul Revere had a good childhood and was born in a great place,Boston.Paul Revere loved to learn from his father like:silversmith. Paul Revere did other things but these are all I want to talk about.


Who was Paul Reveres family and Will it be a mystery?

His mother was Debarah hitch bourn,his father Apollos Rivoir.He also had sixteen children named:DEBARAH,PAUL JR,SARAH,two MARYS,FRANCES,ELIZABETH,ISANNAH three JOHNS,JOSHUA,JOSEPH,LUCY,HARRIET and MARIA Revere.he married two women:Sarah orne and Rachel walker. He married Sarah August 4 1757,and Rachel October 10 1773.Pauls father was a French Huguenot immigrant.


Paul went to North Writing School and learned SILVERSMITH and GOLDSMITH from his father