MPS iTech Weekly Newsletter

October 7, 2020 , Volume 1, Issue 3

Spotlight on Success

For this week's Spotlight on Success we travel to Middletown High School to shine the light on second year teacher, Taylor Garboski. Taylor was recommended to spotlight by both administrators and teachers for her success and positively contagious attitude.

We contacted the Algebra teacher and asked that she answer the following question:

Do you have any words of wisdom or tips for your colleagues on how to be successful in this hybrid environment and/or integrating technology with your students?

Taylor's response:

My best words of wisdom would be: I know technology can be frustrating at times, but keep pushing yourself to learn new things! I have been taking risks in the ways I use technology in class, sometime it is great...other times it flops! But I always have a good time with my students!

Rich Cordaway, the Secondary Math Curriculum Supervisor had this to say about Taylor:

Ms. Garboski's enthusiasm and ability to connect with her student helps make Math an interesting experience. She helps them understand and believes that all of them can learn Math at a high level.

Thank you Taylor for your words of wisdom, and dedication to your students!

Do you have a colleague that should be recognized for their success integrating technology into instruction or implementing successful hybrid learning practices? Please let us know by emailing Michelle at

Tech Reminder: Tech Assist vs. SchoolDude

As we adapt to Hybrid Learning the need for technology support is critical. Therefore, we want to be sure that you know how to receive the tech support that is needed. Where do you go for specific tech support? Please see below:
  • Tech Assist: The techassist email and phone number is now used for families ONLY. This switch has been made so that we can better track internal technical needs, as well as creating a backlog of requests that may prevent the Tech Department for serving families.
  • SchoolDude: SchoolDude is for internal MPS educators and staff. Please use SchoolDude when you are having technical issues such as connectivity issues, inability to use device, or connecting to a printer. Be as detailed as possible in your completion of the form and a technician will assist you as soon as they are able. A SchoolDude can be accessed through ClassLink. If you do not remember your password, you can reset via email. Once you are logged into SchoolDude, the ticket submit password is visible at the top of the page.
  • Instructional Technology Professional Development/Training: Please contact Steve Matthews for technology questions related to instruction and learning. If you need training, a specific tech, tip, support for your students, or ideas for integrating technology into your instruction the MPSiTech will assist you. Steve Matthews can be contacted for small training or professional development, and Michelle Gohagon can be contacted for school/district wide professional development planning.

Tech Tip of the Week: Monitoring Student Usage in Hapara

You can quickly glance at your students' screens using the Highlights feature in Hapara!

  • Login to Hapara at
  • Select the current class on the "My Classes" page
  • Select "Highlights" from the upper left (see screenshot below)
  • Navigate to "Browser Tabs" to see which sites students currently have open.
Big picture

View all of your students' current screens at once!

Professional Development

This week, the MPS iTech Department facilitated and supported the following PD:

  • LINCspring (All MPS educators at designated times): Through professional development provided by LINCspring all teachers will explore Formative Assessments in a Hybrid Environment. (supported by MPS iTech Team)

Next week, the MPS iTech team will make asynchronous PD available to middle school teachers to participate in at their own pace on the following topics:

  • Effective Instructional Strategies in a Hybrid Learning Environment

  • Station Rotation in a Hybrid Learning Environment

  • Playlists to Support Synchronous and Asynchronous Environments

If your school or department has specific professional development needs or wish to discuss specific professional development needs please reach out to Michelle or Steve.

MPS Instructional Technology

Please visit the MPS Instructional Technology website for additional training resources and ideas for implementation.