March 3-5 News

Clever Elementary

A Note from Mrs. Hobbs

Clever families,

Each month we will send an update on the fun and learning occurring at Clever Elementary! Don't forget to check out our Facebook page for additional information and photos. Students and teachers are working diligently here at Clever Elemiddle. Although many things are different this year, we are devoted to Inspiring and Empowering Every Learner.

Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much. -Helen Keller


3rd Grade- 80

4th Grade- 104

5th Grade- 108

Vote on April 6

Please read our Bond Issue Newsletter 3 which contains information about our proposed field house. Our goal is to make sure that everyone is an informed voter when they go to the polls April 6!

February Reading Challenge

56 third, fourth, and fifth grade students completed their reading challenge and were able to silly string Mrs. Hobbs. A fun time was had by all!
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April Reading Challenge

Mrs. Hobbs is challenging students to read for 15 minutes at home each night for every day in April. Students who read for 15 minutes 30 times will get a pizza party with their principal. Students will be bringing home the challenge papers on March 31.

Students simply color in the umbrella when they have read themselves or been read aloud to and parents/guardians initial the umbrella.

We are excited to encourage our students and families to read together! Happy reading!

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Spring Break Leader in Me BINGO

These leaders completed their bingo card that focuses on Habit 7: Sharpen the Saw.

Way to go leaders for taking care of your mind, heart, body, and spirit!

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Students have the opportunity to earn a "leaderslip" for being a leader at school. The month of March we focused on Habit 3: Put First Things First. Basic definition- work first, then play. This means focusing on your highest priorities, eliminating the unimportant, and planning every week.

For the month of April we will focus on Habit 4: Thin Win-Win. Basic definition- everyone can win. This means considering other people's wins as well as your own, balancing courage and consideration, and having an abundance mentality.

Clever PTA

Clever PTA is collecting spare change for "Penny Wars".
This year, one entire GRADE will! win a party for having the bucket with the highest value
Change can be sent to any Elemiddle office. Be sure to let us know which grade should get the credit.
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Brag Board

We want to celebrate your 3-5 student and their personal accomplishments outside of school. Simply send a photo in with your child or email

Ways to Support at Home

24 Math Game

An easy way to play the game is using an ordinary deck of cards. Aces are given a value of 1. Be sure to remove all of the face cards from the deck.

  • The object of the game is to arrange four cards and using the four basic mathematical operations (addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division) to get a total of 24. Each player can use the Parentheses can also be used along with these four basic operations.
  • Choose one person to deal the cards. The dealer deals out four cards face-down to each player.
  • When all the cards are dealt to each player, all of the players will turn their cards over face-up in front of them and try to arrange their cards in any order and use three of the four math operations to reach the total of 24. One set of parentheses may be used.
  • The first player that comes up with a total of 24 first is awarded a point. As a parent overseeing the game, you might want to make sure their solution is valid.
  • If nobody comes up with a solution no points are given for that round.
  • Whoever has the most points after a predetermined number of rounds wins the game.

Dealt Cards

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Possible Solution

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Here's a nice online tool you can use if you are new to the 24 Game. It lets you choose 4 numbers and when you hit the submit button, it gives you several solutions for your numbers.


Math Games

Greg Tang Math