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"When you are in your lane, there is no traffic" - Ava DuVernay

Hello Friend,

As we round the corner to a year of quarantine, I continue to send you wishes for ease and good health.

For me, February began with a big life change as I now will be working as a Personal Life /Health and Nutrition Coach full-time.

For the first time in a long time I feel aligned in purpose, passion and power. I could talk about it for hours but I think filmmaker, activist Ava DuVernay says it best in this clip.

It’s what I want for all my clients.


Big picture

The Self Care Iceberg

This meme seemed to resonate with many people who saw it on my Facebook page. As a coach, I think it’s a compelling conversation starter about how we take care of ourselves. Take another look at it and then we'll talk.

I’ll go first:

I am satisfied with my ability to set boundaries and I am curious to know how I would benefit from sticking to a regular meditation practice.

How about you? How would you complete this sentence:

I am satisfied with _______________ and I’d be curious to know how I would benefit from _________________.

I hope it gives you food for thought. I certainly keep revisiting it. Feel free to use this link to schedule a sample coaching session to talk about transformative self-care.

(I would love to give attribution to the person who created this, but it is not to be found. If you know, please let me know.)


Health & Nutrition Coaching

I am exactly half-way through my studies to become a certified Health & Nutrition Coach at the Institute of Integrative Nutrition. I am thrilled to add this to my coaching portfolio because the core tenets of the program are in concert with my own holistic way of thinking.

For example, Primary Foods are everything off your plate, including home environment, spirituality, exercise, career, social connection and more. Secondary Foods are what we eat to nourish ourselves and can be in direct response to the (im)balance of Primary Foods.

I need to complete six confidential health histories so please contact me if you would be interested in volunteering and then receiving a complimentary coaching session.


Crowdsourcing Delight: Learn a Little Something/Teach a Little Something

This online learning platform keeps growing, and now includes instructors from across the US eager to share their expertise, hobbies and passions with others. Emerging entrepreneurs and non-profit organizations are also invited to share their missions and messages. Each offering is 1 hour and the fee is only $10, making it easy to try a class without any drama - unless its a drama class. The stakes are low and the enthusiasm is high.

Offerings have ranged from the very poignant Compassionate Decluttering for Adult Children of Shoah Survivors Workshop to The History of Rock and Roll: Battle of the Fake Bands - The Rutles v Spinal Tap.

Here's what else is coming.

I’ve been asked to source classes taught by an Etsy maker/seller, knife skills instructor, DIY candle-maker, spring seed hobbyist and feng shui practitioner but can’t find any of these folks. If you know anyone, please send them my way.


Three reasons to sign up for a sample coaching session

As you know, my coaching practice is rooted in the concept of interconnection: we need one another freed up to bring our passion, smarts and story to an ailing world. Here are 3 reasons why you may want a sample coaching session:

1. Virtual Decluttering – It works. You show me your space using your phone or tablet and I don’t miss a thing. We push through sticking points and get the job done.

2. Entrepreneurial Empowerment – Actualize the idea that's been spinning around in your head for a while. We’ll shine some light on it and then add action, accountability and timelines. Before you know it, your project comes to fruition, has morphed into something else or has been set aside to make room for the next one. Right now a client is actualizing her dream memoir/cookbook and another is expanding her business. It’s fabulous.

3. Nourishment and Self-Care – we got this! It may not be easy but we got it. This is where partnership really helps.

THANK YOU FOR THIS VISIT. It’s a lot I know, but my cup runneth over and I feel so grateful. I want to share this energy with you.


- Gari