What are winds and what causes them

Wind is the movement of air going from an area of low pressure to an area with high pressure.

what types of air are there

There are Local winds and Global winds.

Global winds

Global winds move over a large area which can be the globe.
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local winds

Local winds are winds that blow from an ocean or lake towards land.They are caused by unequal heating of earths surface within a small area.There are also sea breezes and land breezes.Sea breezes are when winds from the ocean move inland,A land breeze is when wind from the land moves onto the sea.


Doldrums are large, calm areas where amounts of warm air rise.
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Trade winds,prevailing westerlies,prevailing easterlies

Tradewinds are winds that blow from the horse latitudes to the equator.Prevailing westerlies are winds that blow away from the horse latitude.Prevailing easterlies are winds that blow from the north to south poles.