great mobile apps for a grade three class using an IPad


BrainPOP ESL is an easily accessible app students can use inside or outside of the classroom. It's interactive stories help to build on language and vocabulary. Classrooms are becoming more and more diverse and this app could help to ensure students learning English as a second language are not left behind. This app is FREE!!

3rd Grade Math: Common Core worksheets for kids.

This math app is a great choice to bring into the classroom because it is also free. It has a Safari theme that keeps students interested and focuses on multiplication, division, geometry and more! Students are able to earn coins while completing worksheets making learning more like a game.

reading: grade 3-4, animals

Reading comprehension is so important in the early years of learning. This reading app is free and it's awesome because it provides students with a story to read and then follows up with the multiple choice answers to reinforce whether or not they are understanding the material. This helps students to prepare for future exams.

third grade learning games

Another free app that has a lot of options for students to improve grammar and math skills. This app follows third grade curriculum.

Spelling grades 1-5: level appropriate word games for kids

This app focuses on spelling alone, it tests the students knowledge in spelling with puzzles and word jumbles. For just $5.79 you can access all the grade 3 level games.