Conserving Antarctica

by Anna and Sabrina

Antarctica is under threat? So how can we speak up for Antarctica?!?!

We can tell people to stop using machines that spead gas and chemical,

we can also tell people to stop bringing pest to Antarctica. So how can we speak up and stop pest such as mice and rats from coming to Antarctica.Even the people that live in Antiarctica are dying and suffering because of this incident.

People bring other animals to Antarctica because they think that the animals in Antarctica will feast on them but it just makes it worst. We think that people shouldn't bring pest to Antarctica because rats can spread Ebola and that caused the animals to die which causes extintion to the animal.

What Scientist Say

Scientist are saying that when tourist came to Antarctica to vist they left their rubbish which caused Antarcticas ice to defrost.Tourtist travelled by ship which left oil spills in the ocean of Antarctica which cause water pollution to run across Antarctica.

Summer Day

On the other hand, when Summer comes around the ice starts to deforst more and more each day and scentist say that if whole lot of ice melts than Antarctica wouldn't be a site people wouldn't want to see anymore.
This is evdent throught us seeing that Antarctica melt each day. If its melts Antarctica, the islandsfull of ice, snow and animals, turns into a ocean full of warm water, ice cube and only a few animals.

in conlustion

Antarctica is one of the most significant sites and we would not want it to melt away. We have to save Antarctica. We have to tell tourtsit to not pollute on Antarctica's grounds. We Have to stop bringing mice and rats to Antarctica. This is Sabrina Te and Anna Troung and we thank you so very much for listen to our speech.