If You Don't Know The Sender

They Might Be A Pretender

Prevent A Jam, Don't Open A Spam!

When you don't know who sent you an e-mail, message, text or any other form of social network, then you should never open it unless you are sure it is from ask your parents, friends and other people you know. Also make sure that you ask them if it was really them who sent you so it isn't a virus or spam.

Be Aware With What You Share!

The PSA you have just viewed showed how a teenage girl was assassinated due to the information she shared of herself on Facebook. From now on you should never share personal information on social networks and if you do make it limited.

If They E-Mail You Asking For Cash, Be Sure To Throw It In The Trash!

If you receive any form of social network stating that you need to pay money for whatever reason then you should immediately delete it as it can be threat of losing big amounts of money and to crash your computer system.
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Main Idea: Never get mislead by what someone you don't know says to you because, if you don't know the sender, they might be a pretender!