By: Alexis Bartosh

Colombia's Culture

What is the main religion? What are some unique holidays?

Colombia's Culture Answers

Almost 90% of the citizens practice Roman Catholicism in Colombia. One holiday is LA Semana Santa is when family gets together a week before Christmas and have feasts and parades. They wear lots of costumes and have lots of giant floats to celebrate Jesus' birth. Also instead of Santa coming baby Jesus comes and leaves a present every night.

Colombia's geography

What is the climate and how does it affect their culture? What are some major land monuments?

Colombia's Geography Answers

Colombia's weather is the same all year round, so there is no distinct change in weather. Therefore, there is a large amount of farming because of the rich soil and warm weather. Some of the monuments in Colombia are Puente de Boyaca Bridge. The monument stands there to represent the war for independence. Vargas Swamp Lancers is to honor the soldiers that died in the Vargas Swamp Battle.

Colombia's Resources and Economy Questions

What are some of the economic challenges the country faces? What are some of the major exports?

Colombia's Resources an Economy Answers

One problem is that Colombia is in debt by $90 billion. Another problem is illegal drug dealing. Their government is taking action to stop it. Some of the major exports are crude petroleum, coal, coffee, and emeralds.

Colombia's History Questions

Who originally inhabited Colombia? Who discovered Colombia?

Colombia's History Answers

The Spaniards discovered Colombia in 1499. The people who originally inhabited Colombia were indigenous peoples who were called Chibchas. they were divided into two principal tribes: the Muisca, located in the plateaus of Cundinamarca and Boyacá, and the Tairona, who settled along the northern spur of the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta. The Muisca were the more prominent of the two groups and based their economy on agriculture, especially the cultivation of corn and potatoes.