severe weather

by: Nathan Watson



A large storm that forms over warm ocean.

WOW Fact

They can be multiple thunderstorms. Hurricanes can happen anywhere. They can have winds go up to 75 mph.

If the hurricane is in water it is getting stronger.

Hurricanes get weak when on land.

Safety Tips

Stay away from windows. Make sure that you have the supplies that you need to stay safe.Stay in a small place and away from stuff that can harm you. You can evacuate if possible .



A small funnel-shaped cloud that comes down .

WOW Facts

A tornadoes winds can be faster than a hurricanes winds. Tornadoes can be as fast as 250 mph.


Do not stay in your car. Stay away from windows. Go to a safe place so you want get hurt.



A severe storm with lightning, thunder, heavy rain and strong winds .
Hail may also form.

WOW Fact

Thunderstorms can be different tipes of severe weather.

Thunderstorms can be hurricanes, tornadoes.

Safety tips

Do not stand under a tree. Stay out of water. Stay away from power lines.