Photographer Brochure

Career Brochure

Be a Photographer

A photographer takes pictures of people, landscape, and others. Photographer takes pictures of things that we pass by and don't see the beauty. The thing that you need to get into is a high school diploma or any degree. A photographer gets payed $36,088 yearly. There is 142,200 jobs in the U.S.A. I think it will be more popular because I think that people want to wee the in a different view. Another name for a photographer is photo editor, photojournalist, and studio photographer.

Why I want this career

I want this career but I want to the first in my family that in not a fixer. I want to see the world and help others see. I want to be me. Every time I pass by something and I think it looks boring it could have a beautiful different if I see it in a different perspective. I want this career to see everything differently.