4th Grade Newsletter

December 7th, Fletcher & Wiley

Happy Tuesday!

I hope you had an amazing weekend with your family. Unfortunately I was out on Friday with strep throat but your children were amazing for my substitute. Mrs. Holmes could not stop singing your children's praises. They were helpful, sweet, and hardworking!

If you have not already, please email your child's homeroom teacher and let them know if you will be attending the classroom winter parties on Friday, December 18th at 8:00. If you let your child's teacher know in advance, then you will be able to come in to the parties using the "express lane!" PLEASE NOTE: if you arrive early to class parties, you will need to wait outside of the school until it is 2:00. *Exceptions for room moms who are helping to set up*

Next week, before we leave for winter break, your child needs to turn in their completed science fair project with their board. These will be judged upon returning to school in January.

Below you will find a link to google classroom. This is a new program that we are starting this year where the students can submit assignments online. Each child has a unique login, and you may log in under your child's name at any time. Please ask your child for their user email and password.

Thanks for being you!

-Miss Fletcher

Upcoming Important Dates

Wednesday, December 9th: Honor choir performance at 6:30 p.m. in the cafeteria.

Thursday, December 10th: Choir goes to Northpark.

On the Horizon & Other WRE News:

· December 14th: Spelling Bee in cafeteria at 9 a.m.

· December 18th: Santa comes to WRE, Reflections ceremonies, Winter parties.

Weekly Learning Objectives:

In math this week we will be finishing our unit decimals. I have to say, this year the class has completely ROCKED decimals! I am so proud at how hard they have been working. We will wrap up the unit by putting decimals in order and then adding and subtracting using decimals.

In science we are finishing up our physical science unit by studying density, buoyancy, and water displacement. We will have a mini unit test over these concepts this week. We will then begin a short unit covering the changes caused by heating and cooling liquids.


Ø We will continue our Literary Non Fiction Unit that will last for 2 more weeks. This week will read aloud an autobiography and a biography. We will then compare and contrast a biography to a poem with a similar theme/message . Our reading will focus on the life of a subject and explain the accomplishments and achievements of this subject. Good readers should use the setting, text’s special features, the character (the real person), point of view, the person’s challenges, & accomplishments to infer the theme of the text.

Ø Friday, December 18, Biography End of Unit Assessment

Language Arts:

Ø The students will continue writing to an Expository Assessin for RISD’s writing portfolio. The students will be given the prompt, “Write about a job you enjoy the most.” Students will have close to 2 weeks to work on these in class. As a class, we will go through the steps of the writing process together. Our student’s writing will be kept in their Writing Portfolio’s in our classroom.

Ø We will combine sentences with conjunction words to form compound sentences.

Ø We will spell words with /ow/ and /ou/