Animals of the Amazon rainforest

By Alfredo Walz

Some of the weird and pretty animals of the Amazon rainforest.

You can find the capybara and the glass frog in the Amazon jungle. What's cool about these two creature is that the glass frog is so see thru that you can see it organs. What's cool about the capybara is that it is the biggest rodent in the world. It can weight up to 140 pounds. You can find lots of these types of animals in the Amazon.

Going to the Amazon may sound fun a first but you could get killed very easily there.

The devastation

Some animals that live in the Amazon are dieing because of people destroying trees and turning it into paper. They have the choice of just killing there selves or moving to different areas and living there with a different life style. People think that destroying the trees and making it paper and opening land for cattle would be a good idea but it doesn't support good cattle so they use the land for about 5 to 10 years and then they move out to find more land.

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