God of sea,horses,and earthquakes

By Brayden R.

I chose Poseidon because I think its cool to be able to control the sea and earthquakes. We're kind of the same because I also have a bad temper when it comes to my brother and sister.

Greek Mythology : POSEIDON

10 facts

1. He has 7 children.

2. God of sea,horses,and earthquakes.

3. He was strong with long, blue hair.

4. He was responsible for natural and supernatural events.

5. He was considered to be the bad-tempered, moody and greedy god among all Olympians

6. His roman name was Neptune.

7. He spent most of his time in his domains and realms that encompassed all water.

8. He was commonly called the "Earth-shaker."

9. He was the father of rivers and fountains.

10. In Greek mythology, Poseidon breathed life into the first horse on Earth.