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August 23, 2019

Teacher Collaboration: Spreading Best Practices School-Wide

Planning together for the betterment of our students

We have several new partnerships in our school, so the process of finding strengths, complementing our skills, and working to create solid instruction for students starts from scratch. Finding the "sweet spot" in planning with a team or partner doesn't happen over night, but with steady conversation and working together, a strong partnership can form that will benefit your students. The attached video above is just a reminder of what can happen when we are faced with new partnerships for the new school year.

Testing Coordinator Updates

These came out early this week from Leigh Anne. Please take a moment to review this important information:

The following are updates from the Building Test Coordinator meeting earlier this week at ASC:

1. Important reminder for GRADES 1- 5 - Universal Screeners were to be completed by Thursday. That is an absolute deadline.

2. Grades 3-5 teachers -

  • Lawyers have not found an contract agreement with the folks at Unify
  • Teachers should not use the platform
  • Teachers are encouraged to pull off any test items/questions that you have already created on the platform.
  • More information will be forthcoming as the lawyers continue to meet.

3. ALL GRADE LEVELS - IF you have been unable to successfully install Google File Stream and access your DRA spreadsheet, please email me so that I can troubleshoot with you. It is IMPERATIVE that when you update - you OVERWRITE CHANGES at the end. PLEASE DO NOT CREATE A COPY... We want to update as we go and make changes in the same spreadsheet so the data for the school is in one place.

Book Room Support

To help us maximize the resources in our building starting on Wednesday, August 28, Shasta will be in the book room until 4:15 (and most Wednesday's after this) to assist anyone who needs support with Google File Stream. She will choose a focus each week and will remain in the building for 45 minutes after hours to support teachers.

We have an underutilized book room that could be better used to support stronger more impact instruction. Pack an extra snack, bring a colleague, and spend some time with Shasta in the book room!

Emergency Sub Plan

People are calling out, and we need plans! Please ensure that you have plans in the main office ready to go by the middle of next week. Many of you have plans already done--and thank you for getting that done--but we need plans for everyone. For any other details regarding how to store them and where they belong in the office please refer to the email from Judy Hooker sent out on 8/22/19.

Morning Options Are Making positive starts for Lions!

Upgrading our options in the morning have really made our 45 minutes before the day officially starts great for our kids. We have really put the needs of our kids first to make the start of the day a pleasant one for everyone.

Two grade levels walking in the morning has been fantastic. I have a feeling that you all can tell when your kids have walked in the morning--sweat aside--I bet they are a bit more focused. Our kids are in LOVE with the read aloud option. Mrs. Galloway and Mrs. Fields have created a space that our kids are really enjoying and clearly can't get enough of as the numbers keep growing. To increase the number of kids who can enjoy being read to in the morning we've moved the read aloud to the library. If we are going to help our kids fall in love with reading we need to follow their lead on things. The shear numbers of kids wanting to listen (Friday we had about 60) tells us that the swap to the library was the right thing. We also have students who want to read independently and they are taking advantage of the quiet space, now in the Ben Carson Reading Room. The auditorium is a place for kids to talk to friends in their grade level. With so many kids doing other things that space is actually a nice place to be. Finally, our safety patrolers are doing an outstanding job keeping us safe in the morning and greeting us all with a smile!

And I would be totally remiss if I didn't mention the Grab & Go option for breakfast that also makes much of this possible. We are working out some kinks with the food options, but overall it has been a great addition to the morning.

Thank you to all of the staff who have worked to upgrade our morning options. Your time has helped create a great feel in the morning for our kids and a great start for the day.

Materials from Open House

Marsha is asking that any materials that you passed out to families for our open house that you send her way so she has it for our Title documentation. Thanks in advance.

Lock Down Drill Next Week

We will have a lock down drill next week. This will be different than the active shooter dills that we experienced with police. Please check the master calendar for the date and time. The protocol we will follow are as follows:

  • Students are to be cleared from hallways immediately and moved into the nearest classroom.
  • Close and lock all windows and doors and do not leave for any reason.
  • Cover all room doors and windows
  • Stay away from all doors and windows and move students to an interior wall.
  • Shut off all lights, remain QUIET! and wait for further instructions.

Best Wishes to Lincoln's Latest Retiree

Congratulations to Roger Quillen to retired on Friday! We will have something for him to honor his time supporting our school. Thank you Roger for your commitment to our school.

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