Forged by Fire

By: Sharon Draper


The book Forged by Fire is a book about Gerald and how he struggles to be loved. His mother Monique is addicted to drugs and drinking and bad habits to leave Gerald alone at home all by himself. And his life all goes downhill from there until learning that he has a little sister named Angel. After his mother gets out of jail he learns that Angel was his little sister. But Angels father Jordan was very bad about drinking, drugs, and abuse. So one day Gerald decides they need help, after getting help Gerald, Angel, and Monique live alone for a while living pretty good with Gerald taking good care of Angel life was good. Until Jordan came back now Gerald is unease and scared that he might try to hurt him, Monique, or most importantly Angel. Now Gerald is figuring out what to do after a bunch of loses in his life and one of the main problems back in his life.


Gerald is the main character and all he wants is love but after he loses Aunt Queen he has no more love to receive.

Monique is the mother of Gerald and Angel and she has many bad habits and thinks that the kids are happy with Jordan and doesn't want to admit she's scared of Jordan.

Aunt Queen is the great aunt of Gerald and loves him very much and takes care of him for a long time until she pasts away.

Angel is described as a delegate china doll and very afraid of Jordan. But she feels comfortable when shes with Gerald she thinks of him like a protector from Jordan.

Jordan is the mean father to Angel which he abuses her and Gerald along with Monique, he also has many bad habits.

Tiger is Angel's pet cat that Jordan got for her. And Tiger comforts Angel at the foot of her bed at night when she's scared.

Sharon M. Draper

She is a professional educator and is a great author. She is the author of Forged by Fire and along with her other books she's famous for.


- First Gerald is only 3 years old

- Then Gerald's apartment burns down while Gerald was still in there but was rescued by firefighters and was safe

- Then Monique gets arrested and goes to jail for a couple of years while Aunt Queen watches over and protects Gerald while Monique is gone.

- Then on Gerald's ninth birthday Monique comes to visit Gerald and brings Jordan and Angel for Gerald to meet.

- Then Gerald gets mad he doesn't know about all of this and won't go home with Monique, Jordan, and Angel.

- But then Aunt Queen has a heart attack and past away making Gerald move in with Jordan, Monique, and Angel.

- Soon Gerald finds out that Jordan is very mean, has very bad habits, and abuses him, Monique, and Angel

- Gerald is upset because they aren't celebrating Christmas like Aunt Queen use to but still, Jordan get Angel a pet kitten and she names him Tiger.

- Jordan threatens Angel by saying he would kill Tiger or Monique.

- Then Gerald realizes that he needs to get help to save Angel and protect her.

- Gerald gets help from Rob's dad Mr. Washington and they report Jordan and Jordan gets arrested.

- Gerald and Angel live with Monique with Gerald taking good care of Angel, and Angel likes to dance to try and forget the memories of Jordan.

- Gerald joins his schools basketball team and makes a bunch of friends including Rob.

- Gerald is now 27 and Angel is 12 and then Jordan comes back and Angel is scared and Gerald is mad.

- Gerald puts up with him being back, but surprisingly Jordan is being very nice and kind and hasn't done anything bad yet.

- Gerald had a basketball game and he was doing really good until Jordan showed up and watched

- Gerald started doing really bad after he showed up and then when Jordan left he started doing good again.

- Angel has a dance recital that she does really good at, and because Jordan wasn't there watching her though

- Gerald had his last basketball game of the season and which they won so Rob and Andy wanted to go out and celebrate so Bj and Tyrone came too.

- Gerald went home early instead of Andy driving him home but later that night he found out that Andy, Rob, Tyrone, and Bj had been in a car accident.

- Gerald finds out that Rob was killed in the accident and the rest of them were okay.

- But it really hurt Gerald to find that one of his best friends was killed in a car accident.

- Mr. Washington held a funeral for Rob which Gerald attended mainly because he wanted to comfort Mr. Washington and be there for him just like he was for Gerald.

- After that Gerald began to walk home and to school but one day he forgot to get Angel from dance class

- So Angel went home and started to cook some hot dogs until Jordan walked in the room

- Jordan was drunk and looked angry Angel wasn't afraid like she use to be she was trying to talk to him but he grabbed her arm and took her into his bedroom

- Angel was beginning to be afraid and Jordan hit her which knocked her onto the bed

- The hot dogs that Angel was cooking began to overheat which started a fire which made the whole apartment set on fire

- When Gerald was coming home he saw smoke which he knew was coming from his apartment he started to run and think about Angel as he climbed the stairs to find her

- When Gerald reached his apartment door he tried to get in but it was locked so he grabbed his key and unlocked the door

- Gerald ran in looking for Angel and ran into Jordan and Monique's room which he found Angel lying on the bed and Jordan at the foot of the bed and Gerald said "don't you dare touch her" Jordan turned and swung at Gerald but Gerald was able to dodge it.

- Then Jordan swung again which hit Gerald back against Monique's TV and Gerald hit his head which began to bleed.

- Gerald tripped Jordan up but then got up and kicked Gerald in the shin and Gerald could feel and hear the bone snap

- Jordan ran out of the bedroom and left Gerald and Angel in the smoking room

-Gerald cawed to the edge of the bed hardly able to stand and picked Angel up and carried her through the apartment

- Gerald could't see anything he was just walking around until he tripped over something and fell out of the apartment door

- The firefighters came running up the stairs and Monique behind them saying " I told you they were up here."

- Gerald and Angel were resting in the ambulance car waiting to go the hospital and they find out that Jordan died in the fire.

- Gerald and Angel were taken to the hospital and Tiger jumps into the car and Monique rides with them to the hospital.