By: Benjamin Reales

How Buddhism Started

Buddhism was first being taught in the northeastern part of India during the 6th and 4th centuries by Buddha which in Buddhist tradition was a awakened or enlightened teacher who shared his insight to help end the suffering of the people and help them also reach enlightenment. But they in Buddhism the ultimate goal is to reach Nirvana. Buddhist think that this is only accomplished by understanding the Four Noble Truths.
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More About Buddha

Siddartha Guatama was born into a ruling family sometime around 563 B.C. Just a little while after her was born an astrologer came to visit and prophesied that he would become a king one day or a holy man. His father didn't let him leave the kingdom until he was 29 where he left on his own even after his fathers attempts to stop him. He reached enlightenment on his own at age 35 under a tree where he sat and didn't get up for a few days. After this he attracted a group of people and from then on he taught people until the age of 80 where he died in 483 BCE.


Buddhism has approximately 376,000,000 followers today. These followers are spread around Asia.
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Importance Today

The teachings of Buddhism are said to be timeless because you are practicing the path to the end of suffering. If since there are always new people there will always be suffering and Buddhism can be applicable to any day or age.