My 8 symbols

Ryan Webb

I was born June 17th, 1999

My father met my mother when he was on duty in Bosnia and my mom was a translator. Years later they married. Soon after I was born in a United States military installation inside of a town called Schweinfurt, meaning "pig village".
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We moved to America after which was new to me and my mom. We lived in Kentucky for a while but I don't remember it, I do however remember Pittsburgh. My Uncle and Aunt lived across town and I saw them everyday. My dad became a truck driver to make some money for the family, he had to wake up very early and stay very late. Meanwhile my mom was studying to become a nurse. I loved Pittsburgh.

Family Bonding

Even though I lived in Mooresville. I was still a Pittsburgh boy at heart. I remember watching the Super Bowl for the first time and the Steelers were losing for a while but, they came back with some of the best plays in Super Bowl history. After we won I just continued watching football with my family and it has become an important part of my life.


I remember the first time I went to church I didn't like it. I went with my Uncle who is catholic and I didn't like catholicism because it was so strict. Whenever they would say "Father" I would get upset. I recall telling them that I had only one father and he was in Iraq. When I moved to North Carolina I met one of my best friends and they offered to take me to church. It was very different from catholicism and I enjoyed it. God was no longer some robot in the sky doing what he wants, he was like a father I got saved.


Football is still a very important part of my life. But I'd like to think I put Christ, Family and Friends first. Currently my focus is on my academics. I'm trying to go to college.


I wake up in a strange place.

I see a strange face.

Learn some strange names.

Play some strange games.

But then it's like I wasn't there and the world doesn't care.

I wake up in a strange place.


Title of song- I'm coming home

Author- Diddy

Occasion-Can be any occasion of someone wanting home.

Subject Words- I'm, top, looking, coming, living,wrong, home,heart,pain,back,where,belong.

Audience- Anyone who has lost their home.

Purpose- Show that he's headed home.

Theme- Going Home

Character Adjective noun

I Coming Home

Clown the tears

Keisha better morn

Theresa better morn

Lord thank you

Tone- Angry, I hear "the tears of a clown" I hate that song, I always feel like they talking to me when it comes on.

Conflict- Man vs. society- "Why did't I marry my twins mom?" Also Internal Conflict "He felt lost but he's going home. Man vs. self- He's done questionable things.

Literary device- Repetition I'm coming Home It's important to him.

Allusion "pour out some liquor" goes back to when he was different.

Symbolism- House is where you live and can find peace from the world.

Imagery- "Another day, another dawn" Another chance to do something great.


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