Michael J. Strand

Activism + Art + Craft + Design

Who is he?

Michael J. Strand works in pottery, and is well-known in particular for his bowls, which are the theme for his current social project "Bowl around the World". He also participates in many other projects that have an impact on people's lives through his work. He is married to Michelle Strand, has two sons, and can often be found in the lakes of North Minnesota when not in his studio or teaching, finding peace by thinking about his next cast.

Where is he?

Michael lives in Minnesota with his family, and works as a teacher at NDSU.

What does he do?

Michael creates pottery. He mainly focuses on his trademark bowls, which he views as the representation of the contemporary family dinner. His bowls can be large or small, but are always crafted with dexterity and finesse through use of both his tools and hands.

His pottery:

My Opinion:

I'd say that Michael is doing very well. I like his art a lot and am amazed at how involved his is getting int he social media. He clearly wants to make a change in society, and I would not be surprised if he did.