Did Containment of Communism Work?

Communism in the world!

who was Mao Zedong and what type of impact did he cause?

Mao Zedong was the leader of the red army and actually the one in Asia who started all of the commotion. He wa the leader of the communist rising in Asia.he started the long March, The Great Leap Forward, and the Cultural Revolution.
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Mao Zedong

the Cultural Revolution

Mao Zedong wanted a big change for his "new establishment" into power. he didn't want different classes of society, noting that he did grow up as in a poor family. so what he did was completely change everything. nobody had self expression, so just imagine not being able to be who you are or have much emotion(the way i see it). Also nobody was able to focus on past things like free marketing or things like that,No he wanted for the people to follow the governments rule. Worse was yet to come because, they could access out of country internet like, what's it like in the U.S or it's free government(democratic) and basically they were just trapped in a bad and corrupt government.Anybody whorepelled against the law were punished, imprisoned, or even KILLED!

The Great Leap Forward

The Great Leap Forward was a change that Mao Zedong wanted. He wanted to "chnage" china for the better.So what he did was to take out eveey other worker othee than farmer and make them an industrial worker.Theoretcally,it was supposed to make the nation stronger but, it only made it weaker due to small food ration because of farmers decrease.
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The Long March

The Long March was a moment in time in which Mao Zedongs Red Army was forced out of Northern China all the way down to The South.Although he lost troops on the way down,he did gain more gullible followers. Morely poor people such as farmers. Gaining him more respect and more power.

Tiananmen Square

In 1989, A student led protesting occured.People wanted more of a freedom in China.As more and more people gathered,the more of frustrated the Red army grew. People attacked the sodiers yet veey patiently, they waited and took down most the people.Many civilians died,many wounded.
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The Rise and Spread of Communism!

The Korean War!

At the beginning, in June 25 1950, North Koreas main plot was to get South Korea along sided with them.Then as the war went on, the Chinese fought along side North Koreansnad they gained back more land. Until then, by 1952, North and South Korea was the split appart. The war ended with The North still communist today and South a prosperous country.
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The Vietnamese war

The war was about Vietnam trying to spread Communism.The North was Communsit, and South was...well something else lol.And the UN feared that they would be succesful so they tried to hold them back but the Vietnamese fought dirty. They used the jungle as a battlegrounds and used civilans as shields.The war was fought and Vietnam was claimed as a Communist country still today.

U. S Involvent?

The Un/US didnt want the doino effect to take off

Domino effect-when one country is a communist nation, the surrounding nation will fall to communsim.

So the U.S wanted to keep communism in where it alreday was.

Did Containment of Communism work?

In my personal opinion i say that communism failed because even though communism was contained after like the soviet union fell,communsim had still spread and is still in Vietnam and Nkorth Korea e.g