April News

What's happening at HGECC?

April showers.

April showers bring May flowers...but did they mean "snow" showers? We have had some beautiful snowfalls that luckily did not stick around. Flowers are just starting to peek through and bloom, and the grass is turning green. I think I said it last month, but wow, we have some crazy weather here in Missouri!

Spring break came and went, and we were so excited to see our students back at school! As I told our staff, I think some of our students grew a couple of inches over break! Our pre-k kids are starting to get taller and look like kindergarteners! All of our kids are growing and changing every day, and this is the fun time of the year where we see so much change from the beginning of the year. I know you are seeing that at home too with your little ones.

We will be hosting a Countdown to Kindergarten Parent Information Night on April 17th from 6:00 to 7:00 p.m. at HG. If you have a child going on to Kindergarten in the fall, come on out and hear about what you can expect as they go on to the "big kid schools".

We are also very excited to start our Conscious Discipline Parent Training this month! This is a 6-week training for you to learn about and start using Conscious Discipline in your home. We have a couple of spots left, so if you are interested, please give us a call!

Continue to check out your child's classroom website for pictures, resources, and updates on what is happening! We are always adding new information to our building page and teacher pages. Go to www.hgecc.grandviewc4.net, click on "about us", then go to "teachers and staff". Find your teacher's name and click on their website.

This is going to be a fantastic month for High Grove ECC!

If you ever have any questions at all, please feel free to call or email me. I am always happy to meet with you!

-Keri Collison

Events Coming up:

*Conscious Discipline Parent Trainings: Every Wednesday at 3:00-call for information

*Countdown to Kindergarten-Parent Information Night: April 17 6:00-7:00 p.m.

*Dental Day at High Grove: April 27 9:00 a.m.-3:00 p.m.-information coming home

Problem solving

Mistakes are how we learn.

Mistakes create another rich opportunity to learn. Refrain from “saving” your child from the consequences of her actions. Help her learn to handle frustrations and disappointment by offering support and empathy. Compassion allows children a chance to step back, take a breath, and claim responsibility for their actions so they can move forward.

By fully exploring social relationships, interacting with people, and manipulating objects, your child will formulate ideas, try these ideas out, and accept or reject what she learns. By exploring and then trying out a hypothesis, and finally, solving problems, children make learning personal and meaningful.

Constructing knowledge by making mistakes is part of the natural process of problem solving. The discoveries your child makes within both the mistake-making process and then the problem-solving process provides the vehicle for her learning.


Big picture

Meet Ms. Debbie: ECSE Teacher

Check out what Ms. Debbie's class has been doing lately!


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Parents As Teachers

Parents As Teachers is taking enrollment for those families interested in this free home-visiting program! Our program focuses on families who are pregnant or have children birth to Kindergarten. For more info please call 816-316-5517

or visit us online www.gc4parentsasteachers.weebly.com.

Parent Committee

Have you heard about Parent Committee? Call Chelsea at 816-316-5457 to get involved!

We want to partner with you to get your input and feedback on our HG family and focus! One way to share your ideas is through our Parent Committee. We meet monthly at HGECC, and would love to see you at our next meeting!

Why does HGECC Rock?

Our Mission:

To support children in reaching their highest potential by utilizing developmentally appropriate practices in a safe and nurturing environment. By partnering with families, we build positive relationships which promote life-long learners.

TONS of great information for HGECC Families.

Car and bus rider procedures at a glance

Car Riders:

A. Please use the loop in the back of the building.

B. Have your blue card in the passenger side window when you pull up to a cone.

C. When you pull up, staff will come to you car to receive or deliver your child to you.

D. Initial the clipboard at pick up times.

Bus Riders:

A. Make sure you have your yellow bus card to receive your child from the bus.

B. Initial the clipboard/bus sheet that the driver provides to you.

C. Walk your child to the door of the bus when loading, and receive your child at the door of the bus at drop off.

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District Coordinator of HGECC: Keri Collison