Harriet Tubman


Harriet's Early Life

Harriet was born in 1820/1821 as a slave in Maryland. Her birth name was Araminta and at her early teens she changed it to Harriet, her mother's name. She lived with her eleven brothers in one room. At the age of six she started to work. She was never very good at household work and wasn't very educated - she couldn't read or write and was assigned to work in the fields. She was a strong woman. At the age of fifteen she had a head injury from which she never recovered.
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in 1844 Harriet married a freed slave named John Tubman. In 1849 her master died and she decided to run away without her husband, although it was dangerous. She joined the Underground Rilrode which was a group of people who help to free slaves.

After a long and hard journey she arrived to Philadelphia and she became free. In 1850 Harriet went back several times to Maryland to rescue her sisters and brothers .Harriet saved a lot of people and became a hero and they called her "Moses". At the same year a new law made Harriet a wanted criminal and her job became a lot harder to free the slaves.In 1856 Harriet rescued her Perents and bought a new home in New York.

1861 the civil war: Tubman enlisted into the army as a nurse. Harriet nursed the wounds and sick back to health. She also tried to find them work. She treated the wounds with medicine from roots.

After the war she returned to Auburn, New York and continued to help people. She died in 1913.

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Harriet save many people with a lot of courage

She contributed a lot to the abolition of slavery