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Lara Queck

United States Embassy in Turkey is an _____________ within that country, but it is legally a part of the United States.
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n. 1) A country entirely or mostly enclosed within the territory of another country

2) A district or group isolated or enclosed within a larger one

enclave, v.


[en = in <L. "in"]


  • domain
  • district
  • territory
  • inside


  • outside
  • weak
  • submission

Choose the sentence in which the bold faced word is used incorrectly

  1. The campers were directed to the enclave where they would live when they entered the park.
  2. The cave's enclave shape made every noise echo loudly.
  3. During medieval times, gypsies were sentenced to live in their own enclaves outside of cities, as they were seen as dirty.
  4. The attack on the US enclave in Iran in the 1970s led to the Iranian hostage crisis that ruined relations with the two countries.