Elvis Presley

Elvis Presley: Dead or Alive?

Elvis Presley was an American singer and actor and considered one of the most significant icons of the 20th century. He is dubbed "the King"/ "the King of Rock and Roll". At the age of 42, Mr. Presley was found dead in his home due to a heart failure. After his death in August 16th of 1977, many of his fans or followers of "the King" have claimed to have seen Presley alive!
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Elvis is Dead

Patrick Lacy- an author for the Committee for Skeptical Inquiry- states that Elvis Presley indeed is dead, and has been since 1977. In his article, 'There’s No Debate: Elvis Is Not Alive', he writes, "The notion that Elvis faked his death is as ubiquitous as claims that a giant-headed alien was subjected to an autopsy at Roswell or that Sasquatch roams the forests..." (Patrick Lacy, csicop.org, 2009).
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"the King" Still Lives!

Contrary to the "Elvis is dead" believers, others claim (most of them being Elvis fans) that Presley still lives or didn't actually die in August 1977. But if he's not dead, where is he? And why did he fake his own death? Some conspiracy theories surrounding his "staged" death include: Elvis was forced into hiding due to threats made against his family, this is all part of a huge "comeback special", he wanted to live a normal life a normal life and faking his own death was the only way to do that.

The Media Bias

There are two main media biases: Elvis died in 1977 or he faked his death and died later or still lives till this day.