The Panda Problem

By Jacqui McGregor

What's going on

Pandas are being killed just for their fur and there needs to be more laws against it. Only around 1,600 are left. Even though there are strict laws that pandas are not to be harmed, poachers still continue to hunt it their area. Also bamboo forests, the panda's habitate, are beginning to disappear. (World Wildlife Fund,2013)


Poachers continually find loopholes that allow them to "legally" kill endangered pandas. Though they are forbidden to directly kill the animal, poachers are allowed entry to their habitates. They are also able to hunt in the area. This way the poachers can say they "accidentally" shot a panda instead of the creature they were hunting. Another issue is deforestation. Bamboo forests, the panda's habitat, are being cut down. Cities are expanding which means they need more room. Bamboo is also the panda's main food source. Without it pandas will have no food, and no home. The picture to the side illustrates the panda's habitat loss over time. As you can see around the 18th century the panda's habitat begins to diminish, taking the pandas along with it. (Wexo 2003)


Something Needs To Be Done!

What Can The Government Do?

There are many things the government could do to protect pandas. One example is that they could set aside more panda reserves. Only about 61% of all pandas are protected. Another example is more poaching and deforestation laws could be made with more severe punishments for breaking them. (World Wildlife Fund, 2013)

Adopt A Panda

With the following information you can symbolically adopt a panda. This cost $25-$250. The money will go to the World Wildlife Fund's efforts to rescue endangered species. Pandas are beautiful creatures close to being extinct. We need to rescue them before it's to late!

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